The wanderer

She walks with grace, head held high; heart bleeding; Life's journey.

Come along.

My favorite diaries:

emmycaytes profile - diary
comments: Mon petite ange
daze-of-rain profile - diary
comments: One of my most cherished friends. I'd like to keep her in my back pocket.
cassiopeia- profile - diary
comments: It's good to see another little princess growing up just like Emma. She and her mom make me feel a little less alone.
kellbelle profile - diary
comments: My big sister. She's a constant source of advice.
jane-does profile - diary
comments: She's helped me through so much... just by writing her beautiful words.
erlenweg6 profile - diary
comments: Sweet as sugar and better than fudge.
science-boy profile - diary
comments: He rarely updates. But, he's one of my favorite people on earth.
science-girl profile - diary
comments: She never fails to make me smile.
captainron profile - diary
comments: I live vicariously through him. A cherished friend with the right advice at the right moment.
gypsy-poet profile - diary
comments: She never fails to make me feel good. I wish I was as strong as she is.
mcclain profile - diary
comments: I've always loved this diary, and I'm not even sure why.
kilgoretrout profile - diary
comments: Come for the photograhy, stay for the words.
la-blue-eyez profile - diary
comments: She's an inspiration. I often wish I could just pick up and go, like she did.
invisibledon profile - diary
comments: The king of invisibility.
ergoatlas profile - diary
comments: Some times erotic, sometimes just honest, always a family man.
missspunk profile - diary
comments: A great friend
porktornado profile - diary
comments: Ready to laugh? Read this guy. He's amazing.
chaostraffic profile - diary
comments: An inspiration. He think's I'm brave, I think he's funny.
juddhole profile - diary
comments: I've only just started to read him, but have loved every moment.
Mentalimages profile - diary
comments: A new find and source of my "hitman" lists.
wilberteets profile - diary
long-ignored profile - diary
comments: As open as I wish I could be.
rickscafe profile - diary
plopphizz profile - diary
comments: One of the funniest guys around. No question about it.
whatloveisnt profile - diary
minstrelite profile - diary
comments: An old friend
jdahora profile - diary
comments: Returned
nacole profile - diary
comments: Because sometimes we have to have a safe haven, from our safe haven.
hertinyhands profile - diary
comments: Because I know what it's like to run.

My favorite music:

Norah Jones
comments: "Lone Star"
Billy Joel
comments: "Good night my angel, now it's time to sleep"
comments: A new love... broadening my horizons.....
Jason Boland and The Straglers
comments: "If I ever get back to, Oklahoma, Gonna nail my feet to the ground"
Pat Green
comments: "And it came upon me wave on wave, you're the reason I'm still here. Am I the one you were sent to save? It came upon me wave on wave..."

My favorite movies:

The Sweetest Thing
comments: The unrated version is simply wonderful
The Princess Bride
comments: Who doesn't like this movie? I can quote it almost verbatem
High Fidelity
comments: One of my absolute favorites.

My favorite authors:

comments: For Whom the Bell Tolls is a personal favorite
Jane Austin
comments: The source of my daughters name, and my late night friend

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