A little bit of Jessica

I'm just a young woman trying to find her place in the world.

My favorite diaries:

phenom-76 profile - diary
comments: One of my dearest most trusted friends in the entire world. An amazing man with a beautiful mind, a deep soul, and a wonderful heart.
soulfulecho profile - diary
comments: I really like her. :-)
sirhcdetsiwt profile - diary
comments: An interesting character... definitely twisted, but in the best way possible.
pernickety profile - diary
comments: Absolutely creative. The entries are short, but they say so much.
soldsanity profile - diary
comments: I can't stop reading this one. If only he was 27. Le sigh!
realminto profile - diary
comments: A good read - like a novel of one's life unfolding before me.
pinkbowshoe profile - diary
comments: Is this another one of my twins? She even writes as much as I do!
sherpahigh profile - diary
comments: I want her for a friend. She's a deep thinker, sweet and kind, and you can't help but want her in your life somehow.
fallmode profile - diary
comments: So much like me, I would almost think we were twins.
crazy4muffin profile - diary
comments: what an interesting woman.. She tells it how it is. :-)
badbadzoot profile - diary
comments: I feel connected to her like a long lost sister.
bindyree profile - diary
comments: She has a sense of humor in her writings that I really enjoy.
f1shb0wl profile - diary
comments: I came across the site through a friend's page, and I'm completely enjoying the read.
newsomething profile - diary
comments: His entries make me want to write more and more. He brings that out of me.
apathyascend profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: Perhaps one of the best bands I've seen perform live - and they're Canadian.
comments: My college years and then some.... ah, the memories.
comments: Hanging by a Moment and Breathing had to of been written just for me.
comments: Creative and unique, I couldn't help but fall in love with their song "Unpretty."
comments: They put me in a mood to dance - and that's almost impossible to do.

My favorite movies:

comments: the debate between science and religion.. and how maybe we need a little of both to survive in today's world.
Never Been Kissed
comments: Just a cute and entertaining love story with a very happy ending.
Sweet Home Alabama
comments: I love anything with Reese Whitherspoon, but this one's the icing on the cake.
Dead Poet's Society
comments: Perhaps one of the first serious movies I connected with in my youth.
Empire of the Sun
comments: a movie worth every minute.

My favorite authors:

Jodi Picoult
comments: Her fiction is some of the best I've ever read. You can't help but become attached to the characters and feel a part of the story.
Kurt Vonnegut
comments: Who doesn't like the "so it goes" guy?
Ursula Hegi
comments: deep and meaningful - her writing tugs at my emotions.
Tracy Chevalier
comments: some of the best historical fiction I've ever had the pleasure of reading.
Anna Maxted
comments: her writing amuses me, and I never want to put the book down.

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