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Welcome to my personal corner of insanity.

The graphics change fairly often, the content... well, it gets UPDATED as often as I can, but I can't say it changes much.

BDSM, slavery, kink, violent sex, drug trips, hating-of-parents, all things Furre, red meat cravings, online comics, and links to a lot of other psychotic people. Add in music-induced ramblings, bad poetry, and the occasional short story, and you've got my journal in a nutshell.

If you really want to read more, check out http://jaxraven.deviantart.com and http://www.livejournal.com/users/jaxraven for more of my writings and journalistic efforts. There are also a couple other journals I contribute to and/or completely write listed below.

Incidentally, PMS is bad. Also, while I DO list my contact information here, I don't promise to answer or even be online with it often. *shrug* You'll have better luck emailing.



My favorite diaries:

mists    profile - diary
comments:  It's been quite a headrush, seeing inside the mind of a friend/ex-lover/playmate...
boy-ashamed    profile - diary
comments:  He's one of the most miserable and interesting people I've read in a long time.
elru    profile - diary
comments:  If you don't know why he's listed here, then go read my diary and stop asking stupid questions about my wonderful bard. *smile*
nadawi    profile - diary
comments:  Hey, why not? She's cute, she's amusing, she likes the same happy substances I do...
talia-anlein    profile - diary
comments:  My wench... and an excellent, trustworthy friend.
sin-    profile - diary
comments:  I found her 'cos she signed my guestbook. Can I keep her? *envies BF considerably*
meganlala    profile - diary
comments:  Amazing woman, to whom I owe elephant graphics if the book ever arrives, and much more. She rocks my world.
nreshan    profile - diary
comments:  It's nice to finally be able to see what he's up to and why he's depressed THIS time, even if it does leave me envying Enigma.
deadzaphod    profile - diary
comments:  My Caleb! Yay! He finally put up a public diary and this is a very good thing... now if only he'll actually write in it...
jedigold    profile - diary
comments:  No comment for the masses... (and this diary is currently passworded, sorry)
astrophil    profile - diary
comments:  *grin* Alex has finally gotten a diary all his own, and I even got to do the graphics for it, yay! *happy indeed*
unsentletter    profile - diary
comments:  One of many public forums, and my secret favorite... really worth looking through.
isis-osiris    profile - diary
comments:  Public and beautiful. I keep wanting to write up something good for this, but until I do, will the rest of you go post?
girls-suck    profile - diary
comments:  hehehehe... yes, we do. Some of us better than others? *licks her lips*
ellebezzej    profile - diary
comments:  err. Yeah. *grins softly* I care.
ladypoetess    profile - diary
comments:  I said early on that 'she deserves beautiful accuracy' and the thing is, she GIVES it too. Her words bite deep, and are VERY worth reading.
tsarnen-    profile - diary
comments:  He really doesn't update often enough, but that's mostly 'cause he works and has kids and a Grr.
oddgoogle    profile - diary
comments:  The world is even more silly now, and thus I read the googleness.
briar-h    profile - diary
comments:  Mouse, bard, it's all here... this is where my bad poetry and fiction hide out. Incidentally, if anyone else wants their stuff posted here, email it and I'll post it along with your name, a link to your diary, your email address, etc.
where-i-fall    profile - diary
comments:  Err... um... I think I'm confused here. Very confused. But DAMN he's amusing, and he's coming to visit!
quietus    profile - diary
comments:  This would be the infamous BF, of sin- fame, yes...
canosmyth    profile - diary
comments:  Comfortably numb.
gaysm    profile - diary
comments:  NOT for the weak of heart or weak of stomach... I've found something to add to my fantasies for a while. Pretty.
bloodyscars    profile - diary
comments:  Damn. Beautiful, suicidal, and has relatives in California. *purrs softly* Please tell me I'll get to meet her eventually, pleasepleaseplease?
dizboy    profile - diary
comments:  Ok, will someone explain to me why gay men have the humor, the money, the looks, and no interest in women (read: no interest in me)?
kiharn    profile - diary
comments:  Internalized anger... and hey, I got to do the graphics. Yes, this is another of my diaries.
selaith    profile - diary
comments:  *shrugs* It's a Grr... and her kidlets, sometimes, wander through. Much amusement.
littlekajira    profile - diary
comments:  Odd. I don't even understand it, and I'm involved in it, somewhat. Poor girls. MPD, anyone?
notyetnamed    profile - diary
comments:  I am torn between admiration, envy, worry, amusement, amazement, and that's just for starters. This slave is amazing, and I am certain her Master must be very proud of her.
stormtiger    profile - diary
comments:  *purrs hungrily* MY Tiger... and a lot of other things to me, besides just Mine. He's definitely a keeper.
come-clean    profile - diary
comments:  The dementations of a very good (and very cute) friend. *poings at her*
silverrose79    profile - diary
comments:  Ish a Bink! *poings happily at her*
vissara    profile - diary
comments:  *GRIN* Juliet finally got a diary! The ring worked wonders. Now if only she'd update...
quoted    profile - diary
comments:  There's so many...
not-a-finger    profile - diary
comments:  What, you aren't reading her already? Where have you BEEN? Get with the program!
lady-chandra    profile - diary
comments:  Heh, it's a Becca! She's Ryan's other girlfriend. *amused*
warmleftover    profile - diary
comments:  Good god. *twitchshudderhidegiggle* I think I like this one. He amuses.
dia4    profile - diary
comments:  *soft smile* No explanation needed, I hope.
souldragon    profile - diary
comments:  Ok, THIS one there really isn't any explanation for. *grin*
gialdhg    profile - diary
comments:  Because I actually do understand how necessary the sound of the song can be.
eatpaste    profile - diary
comments:  I can't resist, I really can't. *sheepish grin*
asktheprof    profile - diary
comments:  This fellow belongs to not-a-finger and therefor must be read. *blinkblink*
cdghost    profile - diary
comments:  No wonder I couldn't see when they updated... *bites her profile*
ladychandra    profile - diary
comments:  Duplication... cunning. *walks into a door* ...err... doesn't take much cunning with me, does it?
gothiclibra    profile - diary
comments:  *blinks* Really, this is highly amusing in all the worst of ways... *dives back in and reads archives*
justinblack    profile - diary
comments:  *purrs softly* Age, attitude, or a rather dark second personality... ehh. I'll still happily hop in.
chefamaranth    profile - diary
comments:  ...and now, for something completely different... really... *sighs softly*
raduthepuppy    profile - diary
comments:  ...does this really need an explanation? No? Good. Suffice to say, this one is treasured.
swollen-scar    profile - diary
comments:  A fresh start from a familiar face. Her entries still affect me enough that I don't want to miss watching the fireworks, as it were.
sinslaidbare    profile - diary
comments:  Just started... but here's hoping they keep going! Very naughty and very kickass.
gerath    profile - diary
comments:  It may not be a shared venture any longer but I think it's about time it was reopened.
pooma    profile - diary
comments:  =^.^=
blackfur    profile - diary
comments:  Deep and dirty. Yes, I still look here.
kadin    profile - diary
comments:  No, I'm not really sure why I'm adding this back.
boundlessice    profile - diary
comments:  Someone's shadow.
torianshela    profile - diary
comments:  Ideas, just that.
lawiin    profile - diary
comments:  Why does he keep disappearing from my freaking profile?!

My favorite music:

If you...
comments:  ...think I could possibly list all the music I like here, think again. Sorry.

My favorite movies:

Clockwork Orange
comments:  Also "Donnie Darko", "Brazil", "Time Bandits", and other movies that leave me feeling deranged.
Tank Girl
comments:  Also "XXX", "The Scorpion King", "Romeo + Juliet", and other movies that make me want to get laid.
comments:  Also "Willow", "The Princess Bride", "Legend", and other fantasy movies that make me feel warm-and-fuzzy.
comments:  (which I think I spelled wrong) Also "Habitat", "Hackers", "The Craft", and other nifty impossibilities.
The Dark Crystal
comments:  Also "Muppets Treasure Island", "Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealers", "Monsters Inc", and other kid movies that rock my world.

My favorite authors:

Terry Pratchett
comments:  Ook?
Terry Brooks
comments:  Thank you, kitten, for reminding me...
Douglas Adams
comments:  Purely because of the penguins. He UNDERSTANDS them.
comments:  Not published, much... but you can read her at www.akashaweb.com
S. Morganstern
comments:  *smile* Because now two of them have said 'As you wish'.

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