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Another day,

another fall,

another fight,

another loss.

Nails scratching a glass coated cover.

My favorite diaries:

sharpsecret    profile - diary
comments:  i feel so fortunate to have met her
dimstar    profile - diary
brokenmirror    profile - diary
comments:  never stop being you
wire-ending    profile - diary
teenymisa    profile - diary
comments:  an angel
thiswonthurt    profile - diary
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comments:  where are you? :(
aorist    profile - diary
comments:  beautiful, delicate soul
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comments:  i wish she could see her magic
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comments:  my hero
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visiblebones    profile - diary
comments:  Monica :) - stronger than she knows
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comments:  the wonderul Ophie
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comments:  i just want to protect her
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comments:  Sarah, truly special
pinkcrayon-    profile - diary
mirrors-lie    profile - diary
rainyeyes    profile - diary
tenebrosity    profile - diary
comments:  i miss her but hope she is doing better
tfrunner262    profile - diary
comments:  i wish i could give her a hug
mechanica    profile - diary
crying-dove    profile - diary
laura77    profile - diary
portia69    profile - diary
comments:  never forgotten
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polly-pins    profile - diary
comments:  deserves the best
getinline    profile - diary
slightscream    profile - diary
amongst    profile - diary
beauthentic    profile - diary
comments:  inspirational and supportive

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
comments:  'nothing i do is good enough for you'
Alanis Morissette
comments:  'a few more bruises, if thats the way you insist on heading'
comments:  'distorted eyes when everything is clearly dying'
comments:  'save me from the nothing i've become'
comments:  'Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone'

My favorite movies:

Girl Interupted
comments:  Sometimes the only way to stay sain is to go a little crazy.
American Beauty
Bridget Jones Diary
Cruel Intentions
The virgin Suicides

My favorite authors:

Emily Bronte
comments:  Facinatingly dark.
Geri Halliwell
comments:  I love her and her books.
Sylvia Plath
comments:  A lost spirit
Elizabeth Wurtzel
comments:  Tells her own truth.
Virginia Woolf
comments:  Talent and beauty left floating over the river.

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