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but i'm only little

happy endings are only stories that haven't ended yet.

My favorite diaries:

somewhat-ok    profile - diary
comments:  i am in love with her. no, for real, i am. :)
brokenbits    profile - diary
comments:  my "first" in diaryland. ;)
swimmmer72    profile - diary
comments:  emotional, just my type :)
thintowin    profile - diary
comments:  love her love her love her! :)
slowlyinsane    profile - diary
comments:  didn't always love her, but will from now on. :)
prostituee    profile - diary
comments:  quite intriguing; i love her stark honesty
pinkgashes    profile - diary
comments:  i like the layout. and the writing's pretty good too. :)
floodtide    profile - diary
comments:  just found him and has got passion!
angelina2003    profile - diary
comments:  a tf friend :)
happy-schamp    profile - diary
dissolving    profile - diary
lost1985    profile - diary
andrew    profile - diary
schampy    profile - diary
skinnyboney    profile - diary
visiblebones    profile - diary
golfwidow    profile - diary
glimmerfadin    profile - diary
comments:  cause she reads me so i'm gonna read her, dammit! :)
ginns    profile - diary
kilowatt    profile - diary
comments:  intriguing
luvsdaughter    profile - diary
comments:  kilowatt introduced me to her... :)
anikala    profile - diary
luach    profile - diary
bliss-sad    profile - diary
rhetoric    profile - diary

My favorite music:

maroon 5
comments:  all american rejects, robert miles
dave matthews band
comments:  as well as: shaggy, blind melon
tori amos
comments:  as well as: shakira, alanis morissette, christina, j.lo, usher
josh groban
comments:  as well as: enya, vanessa mae, bond, the 12 girl band
comments:  as well as: roxette, blondie, old school dance type crap, anything 80s

My favorite movies:

anything audrey
comments:  because she's scrumptious
fight club
run lola run

My favorite authors:

chaim potok
comments:  "the chosen", "my name is asher lev", and all others
jrr tolkien
comments:  have to add: i loved his books BEFORE those damn movies came out!
dean koontz
comments:  nothing like a good thriller
douglas coupland
comments:  "microserfs", "life after god"
stephen king
comments:  c'mon, ya just gotta!

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