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I'm a slightly crazy, geeky, 20-something girl, who loves comics and video games. I'm busy trying to make something of myself while double majoring in english and history, and foolishly hoping that things will just turn out alright...

My favorite diaries:

geeked-out profile - diary
comments: my best friend Liz!!! she's just as funny as me...wait no I'm funnier...
thole profile - diary
comments: short and upbeat...i like it
onlylittle profile - diary
comments: reminds me of me...with brian...
crazyalie profile - diary
comments: i like her style
a-quick-peek profile - diary
comments: anyone who has an entry about things he likes and they are things that I like too is automatically a favorite :)
timmocollins profile - diary
comments: he likes MST3K and he writes very intelligently, I would never have guess him to be in high school.
whitehelmet profile - diary
comments: This girl is comic genius
suspiriagirl profile - diary
comments: its Kat...what more need I say? Go here for all your pop culture needs
remoh profile - diary
comments: for better or worse...the love of my insignifcant life
bloodandgold profile - diary
comments: husband who likes mountain dew and leaves them every where...she was meant to be on my favorites list!
tuff517 profile - diary
comments: the layout made me look, and the content made me come back.
satellitebob profile - diary
comments: he likes the old 97's...that makes me like him. :)
trancejen profile - diary
comments: with jen in her handle whats not to love?!
biodtl profile - diary
comments: I dont know what to say, one entry on cookie monster and I was hooked
cammella profile - diary
comments: she loves clay, and plays video games... obviously a fav
sparkspark profile - diary
comments: funny, funny and more funny
jeff240 profile - diary
comments: entertaining
crayon profile - diary
comments: thought provoking- and I like that
daath profile - diary
comments: he works with monkeys...I like monkeys

My favorite music:

old 97's
comments: alt-country rocks!! I love these guys...Rhett Miller is wonderful
goo goo dolls
comments: good memories, good tunes
comments: Everything they did was gold...together or apart
comments: I love them, I want to see them play in Ireland
comments: steve perry has a voice that still makes me weak

My favorite movies:

Moulin Rouge
comments: I wish Ewan would sing to me like that
Gone with the Wind
comments: a classic
Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: singing transvestites are awesome
comments: the best dialog this century
comments: anything they do is great, the funniest movies ever!!!

My favorite authors:

stephen king
comments: a horror master
lewis carroll
comments: alice is a masterpiece and a personal obsession for me
J R R tolkien
comments: he created a world that is easy to imagine and an entire language to explain it in
J K Rowling
comments: I dream of going to hogwarts and adventuring with Ron and Harry
Jan burke
comments: sometimes you need a really good mystery

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