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<< from the mouth of a girl like me >>

Gender: Female.

Status: Incomplete.

Renovation expected to last until hell becomes a popular vacation spot.

My favorite diaries:

mccreadypj18    profile - diary
comments:  "I got pissed off and threw the controler on the ground, yelling 'I'm never going to play you again...bitch.'"
fiendling    profile - diary
comments:  "Maybe once you've had diaryland, you can never love another. Or something."
agentmerp    profile - diary
comments:  "I have all the books up until Vector Prime in which the death of a certain large Wookiee whose name rhymes with Mewbacca dies, and I got mad at the books."
rubyfoxx    profile - diary
comments:  "There was Santa tit flashing and Santa mooning and some pretty intense Santa-on-Santa action."
weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  "Ladies and Gentleman, my uterus has taken over. It has complete control of my body. Make no sudden movements or it will cut you, man, it will pop a cap in your ass."
dizboy    profile - diary
comments:  "Not that I'm into girls or anything like that, but if I was, I'd be all over her like taffida on a cheap wedding dress. Hmm, see, that proves I'm gay."
ladiealice    profile - diary
comments:  "i know you didnt win her, i still think you pulled a chessmaster, and while coughing, "accidentally" knocked her into your pile of slaughtered innocents."
rudereviews    profile - diary
comments:  "You can hate us all you want though, we just don't want to hear about it."
panda-baby    profile - diary
comments:  "I'm eating a tv dinner for breakfast. I'm about to go sprawl out on the couch to watch Makeover Story. I don't have to brush my hair or try to look cute. I can be as white trash as I wish. Yay me!"
poppyfish    profile - diary
comments:  "Also, if notify lists are too boring and tame for your tastes, you can donate oral sex to me, compliments of Brunching Shuttlecocks."
sundry    profile - diary
comments:  "Paging Sundry's hormones, please collect a roiling mass of libidinousness at the front desk."
idiot-milk    profile - diary
comments:  "Jeffrey Dahlmer is a scary, homicidal pervert, yet you never hear about people wanting to swim around in the ocean with HIM."
dearbitches    profile - diary
comments:  I was recruited to do this because I'm a fountain of wit and sarcasm. Or maybe just because I'm a huge bitch.
chubbychic    profile - diary
comments:  "So now I'M labeled as the friking pen theif when its everyone ELSE who's running the Steal Chubby's Pens Cartel."
vividdreamer    profile - diary
comments:  "Today has been unproductive as fuck too. Our house is a disaster, and my fiance is currently eating ketchup and tortilla chips."
marn    profile - diary
comments:  "The man never had a chance. He was crippled with the packrat gene at birth."
liadlaith    profile - diary
comments:  "It's not a theosaurus. We have no God-lizards. We do, however, have thesauruses, which I’d be happy to sell you."
soap-box    profile - diary
comments:  "Once upon a time, as these tales always begin, there lived a widow, named Rhian."
purplebanana    profile - diary
mavenhaven    profile - diary
comments:  "But my A-list is still out of town, so it would have to be one fucking brilliant offer, like a feast with hookers and blow."

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
comments:  My most favoritest musical person ever...
comments:  Poe ROCKS.
Rilo Kiley
comments:  I luff them lots and lots.
Rufus Wainwright
comments:  The world needs more guys who can sing.
some of the rest
comments:  Björk, BT, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Something Corporate, Soul Coughing, Lisa Loeb, Shakira, Sheila Nicholls, Mary Prankster, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Sublime, Fiona Apple, Ani Difranco, Rhett Miller, Catatonia, Dashboard Confessional, etc.

My favorite movies:

comments:  "My dick may not function, but I have no lost my smile."
Ever After
comments:  I wish I could live in this movie.
Kiki's Delivery Service
comments:  This is so cute it makes me want to squeal.
comments:  I want an Audrey Tautou of my very own.
some of the rest
comments:  Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Peter Pan, Harry Potter 1 and 2, Bring It On (shut up), Spirited Away, Chocolat, all of Kevin Smith's movies

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments:  For all the hitchhikers in this crazy galaxy.
Garth Nix
comments:  Sabriel and Lirael are gooood.
Gail Tsukiyama
comments:  Her books are beautiful. Stunning. I wish there were more than four.
Haruki Murakami
comments:  His books are ordinary, and yet... as abnormal as they come. They mess with my head.
Phillip Pullman
comments:  His Dark Materials is a super-fantastic trilogy

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