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Belle's Journal

I love Tennessee! The South--where Southern men are all fine gentlemen of high quality and Southern women know how to conduct themselves like ladies should--most of the time.

My favorite diaries:

SquirrelX    profile - diary
comments:  One of the most prolific journalists I've ever read. Fascinatin' readin'.
nightdragon    profile - diary
comments:  Extremely intelligent. A good friend. I get a real education from his entries.
porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  This Southern sweetie is one of the funniest writers on DiaryLand.
mcclain    profile - diary
comments:  A Southern darlin' who gets to drinkin' and writes some funny stuff.
jzyjsmalls    profile - diary
comments:  A fine gentleman who asks amazing questions and makes me think.
suzannah    profile - diary
comments:  A lovely Christian lady who's diary I enjoy very much.
squirrelrat    profile - diary
comments:  A real sweetie! She's NightDragon's wife.
icedemon    profile - diary
comments:  My friend, Emren from NMG
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  Everyone on DiaryLand knows Uncle Bob!
Ann-frank    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Lost N Wanting
comments:  D's group

My favorite movies:

Good Will Hunting
comments:  Oscar for Matt Damon (1998). A brilliant young boy working as a janitor at pestigious MIT can't resist secretly solving complicated math problems posted on blackboards for the students to ponder.
The Bourne Identity
comments:  Matt Damon: A spy for the CIA, Jason Bourne loses his memory in an accident. He can't remember who is is, but Jason can recall how to fight, use a gun, and become a chameleon, hiding out from those who want to kill him for reasons unknown to him.
The Rainmaker
comments:  Matt Damon: A young lawyer wins his first case in Memphis, TN against a swindling insurance company. Matt spent time in Knoxville, TN tending bar to learn the southern accent.
The Legend of Bagger Vance
comments:  Matt Damon: A mystical love story about a young Pro Golfer who has lost his perspective on life following WWI. A mysterious caddy helps Junah regain his life and make amends with the woman he never returned to after the war.
Courage Under Fire
comments:  Matt Damon: Matt lost a lot of weight for the role of this drug-addicted serviceman entangled in an investigation into the cover-up of the death of his commanding officer.

My favorite authors:

James Patterson
Sarah Ban Breathnach
Agatha Christie
John Grisham
comments:  Author of The Rainmaker, The Client
Robert Ludlum
comments:  Author of The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum

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