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from nightdragon :
Thanks, Belle. I know Ben Affleck is happy. Can't say the same about Matt Damon. He lives in NYC now and doesn't seem to contribute to the Boston community in any way.
from squirrelrat :
It has been a while, how are you, Belle? You know, that was not the norm. I mean, certain little things always happen, and it adds levity to Mark's travel journals that he writes after trips, but damn, this was beyond and above all expectations or experiences. It was a real downer of a weekend in many ways, but in the end, as I say, we still saw Venice. Not too shabby ~ Sq.
from squirrelx :
I read your possum entry and as distressin' as the whole episode must've been it sounds like you handled yourself very well. If only I had some handy anti-possum tips to offer you so that history doesn't repeat. My best suggestion is one you've most likely received five hundred times already --- to try and figure out how the poor little nitwit got inside in the first place. There must be a varmint-sized hole somewhere. If you can find it and seal it, problem solved. If not, dollars to doughnuts you're gonna be 'visited' again so in the meanwhile, you should probably come up with an emergency strategy. The animal control folks can help you with that, I'm sure. They might even set traps outside your house. Forgive me, for bein' so useless. The only analogous situation I've ever been in was with my bats, and relocatin' 'em to their own domiciles was a major production. As ever, Xtine P.S.: Miz' Tate is back home how and doin' much better.
from squirrelx :
Bless your heart and thank you for your lovely message, and for addin' me to your list of fave raves, and for the incredibly generous mention in your most recent entry. Your kindness is profoundly appreciated. You've shined a bright light on my heart. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X

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