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My favorite diaries:

ataraxy profile - diary
comments: Mira's cool. She likes Philip Pullman :), and asks cool philosophical questions and conducts interesting sociological studies. And she comments and fills out surveys too! I met her through Abhaya.
belle-tn profile - diary
comments: Awesome layout, superb writing, and quite a nice person to boot. That, and a dedicated Love, Creativity and Hilarity fan, as demonstrated when she signed up for my Notify List.
damik profile - diary
comments: This diary is so awesome. Damik is so honest and engaging as a writer, and she is a GREAT poet too. AWESOME.
damotava profile - diary
comments: Abhaya. Good, good friend from Peninsula. Pointed me towards Diaryland. Sweetness. :)
dreem-on profile - diary
comments: Another public diary; this one's for dreams. Lots of cool stuff in here, including two of my entries, "Rope," and "Couldn't explain it if I tried..."
elizbeth profile - diary
comments: Interesting. Lots of extras and stuff.
gr8test-hits profile - diary
comments: A self-proclaimed Greatest Hits site for Diaryland. It's a public diary. I added an entry; some of the others are cool too.
haiku-poems profile - diary
comments: Because haiku poems are cool, and because my haiku, "Panther," is the latest entry :-).
minstrelite profile - diary
comments: Piano teacher, writes well, has interesting life, lives in the bay area. Found it through a banner ad that mentioed "88 keys." Heh. This could be my future...
my51dreams profile - diary
comments: She visited my site and left me a note recommending a jazz group to me (which I will investigate shortly), and in return, I put her on my favorites list. That, and her diary's realy cool.
ofhumility profile - diary
comments: Yay, another musician, also off minstrelite's favorite's list. Good writer, pretty down to earth, and very musically oriented. Cool.
roklobster profile - diary
comments: Sweet layout, I need to check out the diary more.
poems1234 profile - diary
comments: Poetry page, woohoo! With links to lots of other poetry pages. Score :)
psychosiff profile - diary
comments: interesting stuff; I chose it 'cause it was the first diary that was listed when I did a keyword search for "jazz." Lots of stuff about love too.
ruhee profile - diary
comments: Band geek! Wheeee! Fun fun fun. Found it by linking from Minsrelite's diary.
smd13210 profile - diary
comments: This person's a total Band freak...cooool. The only listing when I searched Band Camp...
whats-love profile - diary
comments: This one's really cool because it's all about love :). Again, it's public. I just added an entry :-D,
jacksg profile - diary
comments: He linked to me, so I link to him (yes, I know this is out of alphabetical order, but I'm lazy, I'll do it later)
sunshine0221 profile - diary
comments: Funny!! I found this through the banner ad, and the entries were consistently amusing and interesting. Cool!!
prncsscindy profile - diary
comments: I've known Amelia since kindergarten and she was one of my best friends at Peninsula
holding-in profile - diary
comments: Will add more comments soon. Too tired now. She signed my guestbook; hence I put her on here.
prowlingleo profile - diary
comments: Very cool. A diary which I will be checking out more in the near future, but have seen before...she just joined one of my diaryrings, hence I add her to my faves.
xdigmeout profile - diary
comments: Joined my "twentyfour" diaryring. A fairly new diary (although apaprently not a new diarist), but I'll be checking it out to see what's up as it grows.
tragiclovest profile - diary
comments: Apparently the person who convinced prowlingleo to find a "twentyfour" ring and join it, and then joined it himself. Sweeeet. Haven't seen much, but will look at more soon.
mojo1915 profile - diary
comments: Filled out a couple of my surveys. Quite religious (I'm not) but also quite the band geek; one of the coolest layouts EVER.
devilscarpet profile - diary
comments: Joined my "orsnscttcard" diaryring.
halfeducated profile - diary
comments: Like devilscarpet.
lovers- profile - diary
comments: Who do you love? I added an entry to this public diary about love, and htere are lots more to read. Layout's cool too.
jane-be-jane profile - diary
comments: Joined "twentyfour" so I read her diary. And she added me to her faves! Fun stuff :-).
greymane profile - diary
comments: Wow, a good friend from Crystal joined Diaryland! I'm rather excited because Geoff is an excellent writer and a humorous, intelligent and intriguing guy.
ilpm7 profile - diary
comments: Left me a very nice comment in my guestbook and added to her faves. Returning the favor is the least I can do ;-D.
markodepollo profile - diary
comments: Joined "twentyfour" and left me a nice comment after I checked out his site. A freakishly large number of entries (all fun to read), and a fabulous layout/organizational scheme. :-)
tigerlily21 profile - diary
comments: Added me to her faves on recommendation of jane-be-jane, so I add her to mine.
loofahdisc profile - diary
comments: The 2nd incarnate of Jesse Cirimele, one very smooth dude, and an excellent bass player to boot.
sliceduparm profile - diary
comments: Very, very brave, to talk so openly about such sensitive subjects.
inarticulate profile - diary
comments: Very cool. Been here almost from the start—I must read more sometime!!
lost-mistake profile - diary
comments: Added me to hers, so I add her to mine.
mmlove profile - diary
comments: Another reciprocal entry.
growpeace profile - diary
comments: Added me to her faves, so I'll add her to mine. Cool stuff, talks about the frog problem in Hawaii. Will write more later when I'm not dead tired at 3:00 AM
postalpriss profile - diary
comments: A new face on diaryland. Gave me nice appreciative comments on my writing and an enlightened perspective on my life pursuits.
teenageriotx profile - diary
comments: On love and loss and discovery and, redemption? Anyway, she added me, so I added her back

My favorite music:

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz!!!
comments: Blakey; Miles; Brecker; Coltrane; Bird; Kenny Garrett; Christian McBride; Geoff Keezer; Bill Evans; Wayne Shorter; Herbie Hancock; Jacky Terrason; Etta Jones; Chick Corea; Clare Fischer; Phineas Newborn Jr.; Taylor Eigsti...
Funky, edgy, quirky Jazz/Anything/Everything Fusion
comments: Charlie Hunter; Béla Fleck; Insight; Bruce Hornsby
comments: Daylight; Face/Off; Snatch; Out Of Sight; Dangerous Minds; X-Files; Rent (even though I don't own it); Sixth Sense; Unbreakable; Stalemate (my personal favorite...I helped write it!); Road to Perdition; Cirque Du Soleil - Varekai
World-Class Rock
comments: KFOG (104.5) style. Sting, U-2, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley (not rock, okay), Joe Satriani, Coldplay, etc.
Everything else
comments: Duke Ellington once said, "There are two kinds of music: good music and bad music." If it's good music, I'll listen to it, usual tastes aside. With more space, I would be more specific...

My favorite movies:

The Shawshank Redemption
comments: This is easily one of the greatest movies ever made. A masterpiece of subtle acting and rich storytelling.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
comments: Beautiful. A transcendent performance by all actors involved--and such a wonderful message.
Usual Suspects
comments: This movie has the coolest setup to the most mind-blowing twist in any movie, ever. Kevin Spacey deserved his Oscar and then some.
Road to Perdition
comments: Tom Hanks at his finest. The relationship between Michael Sullivan and Mike Jr. warms my heart.
The Last Samurai
comments: I saw this two nights in a row. There are so many beautiful scenes in this movie; the story is sad and poignant, and the music is majestic yet haunting. The fight scenes were thrilling and at the same time, heart-wrenching--as they should be.

My favorite authors:

Philip Pullman
comments: His Dark Materials Series (Golden Compass, Subtle Knife, Amber Spyglass, Lyra's Oxford)
Orson Scott Card
comments: Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind, Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets, Shadow of the Giant, Enchanted...I met him at a book signing/Q&A session, he is sooooo cool!!!
Alice Sebold
comments: Lovely Bones. What an amazing, haunting novel...
Norton Juster
comments: The Phantom Tollbooth. Excellent.
The Masters of Science Fiction
comments: Ray Bradbury, Isaac Aasimov, Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. LeGuin, Robert A. Heinlen, William Gibson, etc....

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