Hawaii's Noisy Frog Invasion News

Thanks for coming by. I am a diaryland nut. I love this place. I run 13 rings, join some and keep in touch. Peace and Love and Music and Fun and hugs and happiness and Hawaii Quiet Nights. Oh and of course, Diaryland!

My favorite diaries:

punkathena profile - diary
comments: The very first member of the abortion-yes Ring. You always remember your first. Ahh Athena! Welcome.
ravynefyre profile - diary
comments: Fellow Activist I found through a funny banner ad. She's a deadhead too!
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Funny well designed site I found through a nice colorful banner ad.
i-am-jack profile - diary
comments: Nice blog and nice fellow wrote about Hawaii's frog fight first to click on my new banner ads about the invasion of Hawaii by the destroyer frog.
ktliesmann profile - diary
comments: Young intelligent woman I met chatting. She knows god is a concept to control people with. Smart girl indeed.
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: Come for the lesbians stay for the funny - great ad got me to click nice page design
snailpetal profile - diary
comments: funny raver girl I found through a banner ad Nice design and writing
micai profile - diary
comments: Greatest banner I have ever seen pac man gobbles the shrooms funny and original dude. Thanks for the laugh. Peace. Check out my diary and leave me a note ok. Aloha
melomane profile - diary
comments: funny writing- funny banner
jynxed profile - diary
comments: Joined the cannabis ring. Funny writing. "GOD'S GOOCH!" one of the obscene little dudes running the girl's mind screamed. "WE'VE GOT A BLOODY MELTDOWN!" Tiny screams of pain and terror squeaked out of the girl's nos
johndavid profile - diary
comments: purple bannana's friend, great writing " the corn chowder incident"
MINDERELLA profile - diary
comments: "apparently they sell special maneki neko for export purposes that have the paw facing the other (western) way as if to say "hey, come on in! i'm not a psychotic japanese cat at all! no sir! want a beer?"
what---if profile - diary
comments: strange story about causing an accident by just thinking about it /worth another look sometime
geminitoeses profile - diary
comments: New member of the a-peace-ring. I think new here at diaryland also. Check back later when they have an email link up so I can write.
KITLOVE profile - diary
comments: "Tales from the strip club" Now this could get interesting!
leslieirene profile - diary
comments: Check back and get my blog reviewed.
ANDREW profile - diary
comments: the man with the plan who started this one man band. Here he is, he Rocks!
tempchallnge profile - diary
beautify profile - diary
comments: More templates than you can shake a stick at.
girlyouknew profile - diary
comments: Girl in crisis, check back I hope she makes it. Out of money about to become homeless, man I know how that feels.
sweetreviews profile - diary
comments: Review site check back later for a review.
iwillsurvive profile - diary
comments: Did I finally find a deadhead? She is depressed and in need of money. If her sister dies she should NOT kill herself.
MOUSEPOET profile - diary
comments: Nice poem/story about going to a wedding. Really good writer. Check back here for sure. Hope they visit my blog, I write poems also.
patw-21 profile - diary
comments: young cool guy in canada, must be nice dude, tell me what it's like.
l0vexpeace profile - diary
comments: Someone battling depression that feels that no one is there. Well I am and I am going to read what she has to say.
HIPPIE4PEACE profile - diary
comments: Nice a vegan hippie peace lover. Check back here often. We are mutual favorites, big hugs all around.
boardho profile - diary
comments: "If I were a horse they'd shoot me." " Clinically insane and they still let me drive" Funny
fiercelingua profile - diary
comments: We have a lot of the same feelings about things. Love the quotes.
diaryreviews profile - diary
comments: This place does reviews, I should go back and apply for a review. Nice site. I joined their diaryring.
angelgirl95 profile - diary
comments: Loosing her grandmother. Let's give her some support. I invited her to join a-love-ring.
nuclear-war profile - diary
comments: Member of the a-peace-ring and the abortion-yes ring. I should invite her to the imagine, cannabis, hemp, environment and a-1-a-diarys rings. She is so nice. I have heard from her in the email, keep in touch with this 16 year old CD
imbuemyblue profile - diary
comments: Very nice person battling a ED. Check back in to offer Jess some support.
raresilk profile - diary
comments: review site put up link today check back and ask for review. Reviewed casopia "the republican thing ACK!" we will get along just fine I think.
upworlder profile - diary
comments: "She wrapped it around her fingers and began to floss her teeth with the underpants string while looking in the rearview mirror. That is my Mom...That is funny. Check back again.
blindliquid profile - diary
comments: Listed me as a favorite diary. Had a funny story in there about a perfect looking girl in his office that let out a huge fart and blew everybodys mind. Funny.
urarah profile - diary
comments: "today is the memorial day of Hiroshima. 58 yrs ago, the first atomic bomb in the world history was dropped by American airforce onto Hiroshima city. the time was 8:15 in the morning. about 50,000 people were killed at the moment. (aug 6) check back
endlessfield profile - diary
comments: Check back on her to make sure it worked out with her dad. She is 12 and nice. She joined the a-love-ring. Aloha.
kill-myself profile - diary
comments: Danielle, I hope we can help ease each others darkness. Check back and make sure she is OK. Member of the abortion-yes Ring.
myhorizons profile - diary
comments: Another sister who has OCD. Support and love. Check in with her and make sure she is doing ok.
spankingstar profile - diary
comments: Reveiwer for sweet reviews. Has a nice diary, trouble with her dad and is 16.
angrydyke profile - diary
comments: I like the name, Interesting writing, I will be back.
psy-vamp profile - diary
comments: First member of hell-is-lie. INTENSE PAGE DESIGN! Wow Kimmie your image is so heavy. Where did you get that! Wow, Things have changed a lot since I was growing up. Anyway you are obviously someone to check back on. Love and Aloha, Joy. Perhaps you would l
fix-my-heart profile - diary
comments: New member of a-love-ring. Suffering through a breakup it appears. Nice page design beautiful. Looking forward to reading your stuff. Let me know what I can do to help. Love, Joy
anti-trust06 profile - diary
comments: Oh dear if i bleed, i'll bleed knowing you don't care. Well guess what, i do care, even though I don't know you yet
acidtwist profile - diary
comments: May it feel better, may my caring somehow help. Peace and hugs to you.
aurora-scars profile - diary
comments: Young girl missing Michael. It will be ok.
pnk-oblivion profile - diary
comments: I tell you sister, it is ok to weigh more than 120#. If there is any thing I can do to help? There seems to be a lot of ED on Dland.
peace-loving profile - diary
comments: "Got mah labret pierced yesterday. My lip hurts like hell. No smoking pot or drinking slurpees or milk products or kissing for a week. SNIFF"
PURPLEBANANA profile - diary
comments: FUNNY LESBIAN IN LONDON "I need to stay offline, because it is nothing more than a dirty old man trying to lure my girlish ass into his car with a piece of candy, trying to whisk me away from the world of right so that he can rape me in a back alley.
paganscream profile - diary
comments: "Being unloved forever sure does fuck you up. Hey now, I found your diary and I will read it. Join the a-love-ring OK peace.
heidiann profile - diary
comments: She weaned herself off of Paxil I am so glad for her that stuff kills they have known since the late 80's and they still marketed it and let thousands kill themselves the evil suckers. I hope I can get to know you Hedi you seem really cool. Aloha fro
alviehsu profile - diary
comments: 7 days without masterbastion? the HORROR!
windshadow profile - diary
comments: a new cool friend that likes my diary. maybe she wil put me in fave diarys list? She has offered to do a redesign and her work is beautiful!! Rock n Roll!!!
damik profile - diary
comments: Another person that feels alone in this world and cuts themselves. I bet they are on the psyc. drugs. My friend killed herself because of zoloft. I am telling you psyc. drugs suck and you are NOT alone. I am here and will try to help.
heyjuderevu profile - diary
comments: Yep it's another review site. Take a sad blog and make it better.
ketaminegirl profile - diary
comments: A nice friend and caring person. I am going to stay more in touch *hugs*
funda profile - diary
comments: Mental. That is funny. I need to check out what you have to say and write more here. Thanks for noticing me on your radar.
oboegoddess profile - diary
comments: Brand new member of diaryland and a-peace-ring. Welcome to the fun baby!
jzyjsmalls profile - diary
comments: Has great musical taste, Bruce Hornsby, Jazz, all kind stuff. Looks like a nice young man and lives in California. Hey now!
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: Some of the best banners of all. This dude rocks with photoshop. Funny Sexy I look forward to seeing what else he comes up with.
gchic501 profile - diary
comments: "a reporter asked Bill Maher "if you were stranded on a deserted island what is the one thing you would want to have?" and he answered "a calender. .... because then ill be able to know when Bush is out of office" Member of a-
cookie-bitch profile - diary
comments: Funny sweet and sour outlook on life. Worth visiting just for that nice graphic of the girl bending over. Yummy. Has over 100 pagan books. I did not even know they made that many. I think we would get along.
spiderinside profile - diary
comments: good writing very pink design
nihilistbear profile - diary
comments: We are shouting out about each other. Welcome to a-fun-ring and the party. I could do with out the bible quotes, but hey like she says, I CAN leave/
sad-doll profile - diary
comments: Wow, intense sad writing. Reacing out hurting missing Brandon, taking stupid pills, smoking pot which should help if you loose the other stuff and just do it, Maybe you could join a-fun-ring?
brucegirl profile - diary
comments: fellow choco addict. I love that creamy brown stuff. Nice design baby! "Every sober human being knows that white wine and too much tomato soup don't go together" My last fave space whatever will I do I have no more space for faves you are #
ravenheart profile - diary
comments: I agree with a lot of things that ravenheart says I am glad to add her to my buddy list. She and I have both noticed that most people suck. She said, "I would have say that I honestly fear people, that respect symbols more than they respect people. Y
mianster profile - diary
comments: Member of a-fun-ring. I love her writing style, It will be ok... it will. I am glad you joined the ring.
smoog profile - diary
comments: funny entrys and scary story of brain tumor and great writing
redness profile - diary
comments: Nice page design, says she is not often happy but is right now. Hurray for happiness. I am happy today also.
s0-yesterday profile - diary
comments: Joined a-love-ring and it's sister ring a-fun-ring. Welcome to the rings and let me know if I can help in any way. A ex cutter who is "slowly loosing it." I will keep in touch.
kazillion profile - diary
comments: exquisite manic depressive flower child belongs to several of my rings including a-ring-nut.
kelsosaurus profile - diary
comments: Living through life, sounds like a strong beautiful person. This one will make it I think. Hi Kel!
spanklin profile - diary
comments: Fine rant on scum bag bush. That gets me friendly right away. I read in the review that you write a lot about sex also. I think we will get along just fine. Aloha. I hear you have over 500 entrys, wow.
annexx profile - diary
comments: Lives in malaysia, all black template, lots of reviews. I found through a reveiw site. I will read for a while and see what you have to say. Aloha.

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