Once Upon A Time, I wanted to make the world a better place. I wanted to help everyone on this planet.

Then I grew up. Which really fucking sucks.

My favorite diaries:

divagations profile - diary
comments: Digressions- my writing journal
thatmarygirl profile - diary
comments: This woman is, when she decides to show up, the funniest woman I have seen in Diaryland
sadnow profile - diary
comments: carrie writes the most beautifully emotional prose I have ever read. Brilliant
sugarcorpse profile - diary
comments: Surreal...what else can I say?
steverocks21 profile - diary
comments: cool guy... I like his diary, and he's pretty cool to yak at
cielamara profile - diary
comments: Incredible diary...
growpeace profile - diary
comments: We don't agree on everything, but it's cool... she uses the shoutout!! too
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: This is a funny diary... by that I mean "GO READ IT NOW, BITCH"
rachie05 profile - diary
comments: locked, sorry
timeforanew profile - diary
comments: Great diary of a girl.
heyjude85 profile - diary
comments: A goofball. Just like me! YAY!!
aussielvr498 profile - diary
comments: Ashley gave me a great review, and she writes some very beautiful entries
iratelobster profile - diary
comments: Maggie also gave me a great review, and her diary, well it just rocks... she is my new favourite person... I LOVE YOU MAGGIE!!
andrew profile - diary
comments: The man who gives us this kick ass forum
ravens-wing profile - diary
comments: Again, beautiful. Her emotions are clearly written, yet you feel them
shortgirljen profile - diary
comments: Oh My Dad!! She made me laugh so hard I squirted figurative milk out of ny nose
morbidium profile - diary
comments: Her diary is so incredible. It's very honest and forthright... I like that in a person
lostwithzeal profile - diary
comments: I may actually be marrying this guy, if only to get him his Canadian citizenship
naridu profile - diary
comments: Amazing Writing in her diary... really. Just. Wow.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: A really funny guy, who I am using shamelessly for funny things to put in my diary
mylovedies profile - diary
comments: a person in pain is irresitible to me
je-motion profile - diary
comments: Could rock, could suck. Time will tell
sidramara profile - diary
comments: Lost the plot, but it's back now
candies8604 profile - diary
comments: Very funny diary of a funny teenager
lemal profile - diary
comments: apparently about a rock band, which could be very interesting indeed
exposedsoul profile - diary
comments: Beautifully written
lmno profile - diary
comments: *sigh* broken hearts and battered least he can make beautiful words out of it *envious sigh*
opalreviews profile - diary
comments: I review here. I'm not nice.
cuttersclub profile - diary
comments: A site for people who cut
caged-freed profile - diary
comments: An open diary for people who suffer from disorders, especially eating disorders
speak-out profile - diary
comments: a forum for the survivors of abuse
montparnasse profile - diary
comments: Yet another writing site
femmeproject profile - diary
comments: And still another writing site
dream-bow profile - diary
comments: Very funny Albertan I love her already and I've known she exists for aprroximately five minutes
discodoll profile - diary
comments: I ADORE THIS WOMAN!! The coolest diary ever... go read now!
scottie1402 profile - diary
comments: cool guy from Australia

My favorite music:

Our Lady Peace
comments: "And she's only yours tonight, she never cries, but I know there's pain inside, Julia"
The Tragically Hip
comments: "Maybe a prostitute, could teach you, how to take a compliment"
The Watchmen
comments: "I don't wanna see, no more hands falling on me, well I just think it's time to leave"
The Headstones
comments: "Blonde and Blue, troubled and misused, living without you, my heart is yours"
Leonard Cohen
comments: "Every body knows the dice are loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed"

My favorite movies:

Men With Brooms
comments: "I see you're worried about the illegalities. Rest assured, I have no commercial aspirations. These mushrooms are strictly medicinal." God bless Canada.
comments: "If everyone jumped of a bridge, would you?""Probably". Mmm...high school and murder. such a lovely thought
Empire Records
comments: "Empire Records, Open til midnight, this is Mark.... MIDNIGHT!!!" Aww, Mark's so cute
Fight Club
comments: "You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else".. and Brad Pitt never has looked so good and never will again
Natural Born Killers
comments: "Repetiton works, Dave. Repetition works, Dave" This one's a family tradition. Everyone must see it at the age of sixteen. Hey, I didn't say I had a normal family.

My favorite authors:

Margaret Mitchell
comments: Want the definition of a real man? Rhett Butler. Anything less is simply not enough.Thank You Margaret for showing us that.
Margaret Atwood
comments: For the record, this woman is so talented it scares me. I want to be her when I grow up. Hell, being her is the reason I started this Diary.
J.K. Rowling
comments: I would like to jump on the Harry Potter band wagon. And the fact this woman wrote these books while caring for very small children? WOW.
Frank Herbert
comments: Dune, baby. Read the series, don't watch the movie.
Alice Munro
comments: For a little slice of Canadiana, there is no better writer.

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