a time for a new beginning

"For a brief moment after the cut, there's nothing, not even pain. Then there's a sharp, short-lived sting. Then a duller wave which overwhelms it. And then the blood begins to flow."

My favorite diaries:

sliceandburn profile - diary
comments: "I took the time to go back to my room, find a shaving razor, take it apart, and get a lighter and incense."
quoted profile - diary
comments: A good place to find humor.
marsist profile - diary
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: "One Size Fits Kate Moss".
afiandthrice profile - diary
comments: Will the madness never cease?
revoless profile - diary
comments: "I think the most disturbing part of the dreams is that everything seems subtly off."
creaturelvr profile - diary
comments: My best friend, and yes, she's real-life!
parlance profile - diary
comments: There's just something about all that red and black...
what---if profile - diary
comments: My GOD she's smart. Writes about the most intriguing subjects, too.
moth-prints profile - diary
comments: "I can get on stage, and preform my lines and be my character, and put all I can into it, but for the life of me I can't be social with hardly anyone. Those that I can, I cherish and am greatful for. "
donnaisblue profile - diary
comments: "Will this orgy of cells that hold me together, disperse after they have grown tired of each other?"
fnl profile - diary
comments: The disco ball ticks very loudly. Give serious thought to eating it.
cats-corner profile - diary
comments: I can�t take it...I simply cannot stand to have people say nice things about me. Not that I enjoy hearing cruel things said about me...I�m just not sure which is more painful; each hurts in its own way.
veryraven profile - diary
comments: you are my desire born of night
caustic-slip profile - diary
autumnal profile - diary
comments: The sinking is sometimes the best part. The freefalling, the weightlessness, the ability to drown long enough to grow numb, and still know you can push up and break the surface before you go too deep, before you float so far down you forget your way
bloodyscars profile - diary
comments: but i remember how it felt. to feel the cold steel between your fingers [dontslipdontslip]. to size up the flesh, oh where is the vein closest to the skin [left of the tendons]. press the metal against the flesh and rip down. again. again. up. across. bac
inuttero profile - diary

My favorite music:

Norma Jean
comments: Brandtson, The Juliana Theory, Marilyn Manson, Tool, Extol, Evanescence, Spoken
Joy Electric
comments: and most all synth-pop, House of Wires, Fine China, Dancehouse Children, Rainbow Rider, Children of the Inquisition, Jimmy Eat World, Nodes of Ranvier, Dogwood, System of a Down
From Autumn To Ashes
comments: Like David, Aerosmith, Rackets and Drapes, Zao, Dashboard Confessional, The Beatles, Chevelle, Project 86
As I Lay Dying
comments: Otep, Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Stretch Armstrong, P.O.D., Norway, Pillar, Papa Roach, Furthermore
comments: and this new band I just discovered, Dead Star Assembly

My favorite movies:

Girl, Interrupted
comments: a turning point in my life was watching this movie and realizing... I could end up this way.
The Ring
comments: terrifying
The Butterfly Effect
comments: made me cry
The Smokers
comments: also 8 Mile, Dumb and Dumberer, Gothika

My favorite authors:

Sylvia Plath
Kurt Lee
comments: master of modern shock-art
Edgar Allen Poe
Elizabeth Bishop
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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