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My favorite music:

comments: Fun. Campy. Good. I started listening to this band years ago, but I only recently started loving them as much as I do now.
comments: I was just listening to a song, and thinking about seeing them live, and they were making me, quite literally, shake and cry from joy. Consequentially, I figured it was about time I put them up here.
This Busy Monster
comments: Quirky as all hell. The music makes me smile more broadly than anything else in the world. Except Voltaire. Goodness.
Simply Waiting
comments: Local band that I've grown to loving far more than I should. Of course, I'm biased towards anyone who I can see live on a regular basis. Very good music though.
Bright Eyes
comments: Positively the most honest, real, and emotional thing I have heard in my entire life. Conor Oberst is the only musician who can actually hold my attention for an entire album.

My favorite movies:

Velvet Goldmine
comments: My favourite movie. The Picture of Dorian Gray as told through the David Bowie Story. Gorgeous visuals, rampant bisexuality, glitter, great music, high drama, and rockstars. What more can you ask for, really?
Moulin Rouge
comments: Oh. My. God. The visuals. And I really have to love a movie that was built around music, especially when it's all about truth, beauty, freedom, and love.
Almost Famous
comments: Someone finally made a movie about how I feel about music. Gotta love it.
Empire Records
comments: Connects with me on a number of levels, including laughter. Really, really good flick.
Fight Club
comments: Not as good as the book (of course), but it still makes me think about lovely things. The visuals are awesome as well.

My favorite authors:

Oscar Wilde
comments: My favourite person who ever lived. I quote him more often than devout Christians quote the Bible, and in the same context.
Yukio Mishima
comments: God of complicated concepts and screwed-up, yet impossibly real characters. He makes me discover things about myself that I don't want to know, with every book I read.
Arthur Rimbaud
comments: Teenage poet, but don't let that throw you off. I learned French purely so that I'd be able to read his poetry in the original language.
Franz Kafka
comments: One of my personal gods. The images he uses, the things he talks about. It's just the most wonderful thing in the world. I read his short stories like a crackwhore.
Ryu Murakami
comments: Profound without being pretentious, which is a gigantic accomplishment in itself. Could easily scare off more delicate readers, but worth gritting your teeth for.

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