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i am working on compassion.

god bless the orchid eaters.



My favorite diaries:

hangover    profile - diary
comments:  carves blackmarket poetry into bus terminal locker doors
built-in    profile - diary
comments:  pouring tea over soft pretty feet
dirtnerdluv    profile - diary
comments:  collects quarters, paints faces into book pages with lemon juice
mix-tapes    profile - diary
comments:  it was the best of times, it was the worst of times
davidde    profile - diary
comments:  curling negatives in your secret box
luku    profile - diary
comments:  will zip up your hoody before you realize you are cold
che    profile - diary
comments:  hides petals between fingers
fille6    profile - diary
comments:  will draw subway lines across your palm with a ballpoint pen
theredarmy    profile - diary
comments:  blurred lines, look closer
katherinhand    profile - diary
comments:  two years ago, i would have left a note for her on the steps of sproul
humantorch    profile - diary
comments:  a righteous fucking pillow fight, motherfucker
casperwoo    profile - diary
comments:  followed you home yesterday, but just to be able to dream better
banana3159    profile - diary
comments:  believes in magic, even though she knows better.
io-    profile - diary
comments:  the girl you want
jetlagdream    profile - diary
comments:  junkie hearts are broken
pablo    profile - diary
comments:  chanting, lager lager lager [hates these people]
chicagokid    profile - diary
comments:  is totally fucking smarter than you
milquetoasty    profile - diary
comments:  the heart of the revolution
reductio    profile - diary
comments:  unwound, crazy-maker
warmbit    profile - diary
comments:  four square after school
mew-mew    profile - diary
comments:  has the screws from all the desks in her back pocket
myeels    profile - diary
comments:  like chocolate, but in the best way. that's right: sexual chocolate. the franny!
natalie-dee    profile - diary
comments:  two dimensions. in a good way.
textatron    profile - diary
comments:  three kisses in the same manner
bilgedasto    profile - diary
comments:  a contract written, a waiting dotted line
novembre    profile - diary
comments:  _______ is the new _______
participant    profile - diary
comments:  supercrap. in totally the best, most awesome way. no, seriously.
adianoeta    profile - diary
comments:  to be young (is to be sad, is to be high)
mister-ed    profile - diary
comments:  because i feel like it. i don't need your permission, you asshole.
longitude    profile - diary
comments:  i want to be soft
dixiewhiskey    profile - diary
comments:  remember how they just give this stuff away?
explodingboy    profile - diary
comments:  electronic birds, songs of ones and zeros
l-o-l-o    profile - diary
comments:  white
thesaurus    profile - diary
comments:  on
dear-john-z    profile - diary
comments:  white

My favorite music:

sonic youth
comments:  sean, madonna and me/expressway to yr skull
godspeed you black emperor
comments:  the dead flag blues
tom waits
comments:  watch her disappear
comments:  leave a clean camp and a dead fire
comments:  arboretum

My favorite movies:

comments:  and death shall have no dominion
comments:  some things just shouldn't be fixed
waking the dead
comments:  i am going to be your jiminy cricket
revenge of the nerds
comments:  we are the champions
comments:  kie-slow-ski

My favorite authors:

henry miller
comments:  sexus
haruki murakami
comments:  the wind-up bird chronicle
gabriel garcia marquez
comments:  100 years of solitude
david mack
comments:  kabuki
vladimir nabokov
comments:  lolita

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