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from raven72d :
Are you back?
from che :
what do you need php-ed? i am always busy, but if the project's something on the smaller side i can certainly do it for you.
from mister-ed :
from bilgedasto :
thank you for noticing what i fail to see.
from bilgedasto :
long time no type. i like what you have done with the place.
from avantbedroc :
Hurry up instant transporters. or whatever they are called. (teleporters?) I need one to be invented 12 hrs ago.
from avantbedroc :
when that cat starts to call out for a mating partner my insides jump because that cat sounds like it is yelling outside my window
from novembre :
orange juggling is the new mating call!
from reductio :
About your entry on visibility/invisibility/heart-closing-up: I like it.
from liquideyes :
music is about the only thing i have great taste in. thanks for the note. x
from katherinhand :
excuse me excuse me but we will just have to hang out when you are in these here regions. we can have tea crumpet drunken seance! crumpets are the raddest! you me niki it's gonna happen and it won't be weird. because of the friendly nature of crumpets. and i will be very star struck to see the likes of you two in real life.
from katherinhand :
jessica jessica hello!! i saw your effort to break into my guestbook and was like 'oh! oh no!' because you know. it is devastatingly exciting to hear from you. can i tell you your thoughts on todd oldham are forever imprinted in my mind? can i tell you i have an issue of new york magazine and his apartment is all up in it and as i was marveling at his decorating righteousness and how he should be my husband i couldn't help imagining you hiding behind the credenza or amazing shelf of photos (he collects them, you know.) so. there. you're lovely.
from paleblue- :
hey, great diary, good read.
from sleepyzoe :
It's an excerpt from the poem "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou. :)
from textatron :
hi. why did i not notice you added me? anyhow, i added you back. your diary is amazing. t-tron
from icefacade :
watch finding nemo. then speak whale to someone.
from warmbit :
signmyguestbook sucks dry crusty ass sometimes. i tried to sign, but i can't be sure if it went through. if it did, then this will be a total waste of notes space - i apologize in advance. so.. yes.. i am living in california. near pasadena. familiar with it? i'm so bored though. k. i tried to email you but it bounced back. my email is - [email protected] feel free to write me.
from myeels :
dood, "sign my gbook" is broken! And I had so many icy hott burns to make on Steve's ween calls!! Anyway, tell me where NIki lives. I feel confused. Also, tell me how to watch the Will Ferrell thing...I couldn't find any link that shows him talking! TELL ME!!!
from warmbit :
Thanks for the message. ♥s
from melwadel :
re: alan, what?
from io- :
heyyyy lady... good to hear from you. I have been neglecting thee diaryland but I am back on it. very busy. would enjoy to see you. email me... [email protected]
from pulpfetish :
You need to email me. Who is Fernando? I'm curiouso.
from reductio :
Thanks, I'll try that. But what am I supposed to do with the loose threads? I can't forever walk around with a scarf tied around my head.
from peth :
from mattesque :
in the space of a day you went away.
from ouijaboard :
totally duderz
from jetlagdream :
hi jessica, i've been away, but i hope that you are well. i've been thinking about what you said in your email--about imagining the ocean until you can taste the salt. i'll catch up in the next couple of days. take care, akemi
from warmbit :
Thanks for listing me. I love Murakami. Great reads.
from pulpfetish :
[LOVE] You are super. Thank you for the note. I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Things have been sort up down and up around here. I didn't get the job. I think I didn't have enough experience. It was a lot more technical than I thought it would be. I'll write soon!
from pulpfetish :
Why am I a "yes"?
from chest-pains :
well... i actually got the supa gold as a present... so i thought, what the hey? i really like your design too tho. ps yes im drunk right now. word.
from tonightsleep :
i hope you arent mad soon. best of luck.
from pulpfetish :
I want a beautiful story like yours.
from pulpfetish :
I like that you have a picture of yourself on your computer.
from jetlagdream :
it's raining in honolulu. it's raining hard. but more importantly, your tape is on its way.
from pulpfetish :
There is a Mexican restaurant in . . I want to say Costa Mesa, called Taco Mesa that serves hibiscus juice. Have you ever had it? Interesting taste. But you're in Seattle now... tell me of your adventures.
from pulpfetish :
Miss Jessica : I will update!! Even if it means sitting on the floor with my monitor on a stack of books and a faulty keyboard! I love your photos. I want to see more more more.
from pulpfetish :
I started this diary a while ago, but never really kept up with it. I am so HTML challenged. I love what you've done with your page. Poetics of Cartography. It's beautiful. I never thought I'd list a diary as a favorite, but if I decide to keep writing here, I might as well share with others the diarists I think are magnificent. - Sabine
from pulpfetish :
Thank you for letting me join the ring. I have been reading your diary for some time now. The transitions you go through are amazing. Wish you well in Seattle.
from thebrthdygrl :
i like your diary. too bad i have no idea how to add anyone to my buddylist, but if i did... i would add you. cheers.
from eye8theapple :
whoa lady, you are quick. i too, read on the site that it was a film someone in the band had started to make but never did anything with. i read ubercute's note, who has apparently actually seen this film with his (her?) own eyeballs. mayhaps i should ask them instead. thanks. xo
from eye8theapple :
just read back a-ways.. lost in the supermarket. i could kiss you for that. as for recently, buck up, little camper. this too shall pass. if i were in iowa and not michigan, i would hunt you down and give you a hug. cuz you are rad. and rad people deserve hugs.
from eye8theapple :
they made a FILM to the dead flag blues?! xoxo
from deepbluefunk :
oooh, baby. that is some good mix music today. will you come and dance with me?
from annahplanet :
But I bet you can name the worst day. I can. It's strange, isn't it?
from tonightsleep :
very interesting, thank you
from jmalfunction :
haha, thanks! wanna trade tapes?
from theredarmy :
It's almost certainly a tumor. A handsome tumor, but a tumor none-the-less.
from reductio :
Isn't W.S. Merwin's poetry unbelievable?
from girl101 :
i hope things are well with you, and that feeling alright stays or gets better. a song like your in your favories. i.m not asking to be a favorite, but i.d love a song. xo.
from girl101 :
i haven.t read you for the longest time ever, since you made those Beautiful books that i admired so much. how are you? also. can i have a song? it.s a wonderful idea.
from idreamtrains :
dood, i just bought an otis redding cd and it is amazing. THAT man knew how to love a woman. Yes he did.
from distrctdgirl :
HA! I *was* talking about the Police song.
from almostgoldsf :
found you via bugginyou and though the henry-miller diaryring might be of interest. cheers!
from transmigrate :
Awww...heck. Crazy. Yesterday was the first day I felt like thinking in html in months. Sure...send me said picture ([email protected]). Any photographic proof I can send my overbearing relatives that I'm "taking care of myself" is greatly appreciated. I have to at least TRY to make them stop suggesting I eat some meat every now and again. xoxo
from jetlagdream :
i am so there. in fact, i think i signed up already. anyway, i noticed a while back that you seemed to have a lot of bratmobile references in the comments you made about other people's diaries. so i figured i'd use a bratmobile reference in my note to you: prdct=punk rock dream come true. it's on pottymouth. (and i know you know that "here to rock your world", which i also used to describe your diary, is from prince's pussy control) take care. --akemki (i see you like kabuki. akemi is actually my middle name)
from coorguy :
thank you so much, and no i dont really get that all the time!! how did you find my shit? i forgot i even belonged to diary land i havent been here in months... IN MONTHS!!!! maybe i will start up again... anyways thank you.. your journal is pretty interesting, i like your "favorite" entry, it made me feel shitty about my diary, i guess they are all the same or smethong.l..laskjfd;lasdjfl;later
from katzenklo :
well good! now we can be indie rock something.
from ovidovi :
dude. if you come to chicago on saturday there is a wild dance party a happenin'. email fo mo detailz.
from hangover :
There's no need to be scared, Jess. We all bleed red, you know. Yeah, I wish you called as well but you will again someday. How could you remember to call with all that was going on. It's 4:04 in the a.m. and I'm up. Hey, you're in a different time zone. That will take some adjusting. The sea misses you as well. YO, you know where to find me.
from jetlagdream :
prdct! i was hooked after the creamy thighs entry. thanks for the note and good luck in iowa.
from theredarmy :
Yeah, it was Spiderland. Another of those albums I never bought because at least one of my roommates during the last four years owned it.
from towelphaser :
funny, i never noticed that til you mentioned it, but right after i moved, it seems all i listened to were bands from way back.
i guess going through such a period of change, it was nice to have something remain constant.
from shivery :
you...are...a...marvel. as a fellow girl-discovering-girliness, i salute you! good luck in iowa.
from towelphaser :
*sigh* i am aren't i? cmon. sing my praises. ...or not. SING NEDS!!!! we have a house where i'm in your hair, i'll go spare and leave you HAPPEEEE... IN THERe
from towelphaser :
anyone who even OWNS a ned's album is cool with me. and then you throw verve and superchunk and belle and sebastian and dino jr and stereolab in on top of it??? damn you. damn you all to hell. you rule.
from joleen :
Yeah, we share the same birthday! Whoo hoo! How old are you? Maybe if I read ALL of your diary I'll find out....and knowing me, and I do know me, I will read it, in its entirety, but not now, I'm at work.
from towelphaser :
happy birthday! in honor of your birtday, i'm gonna go get a coffee. mmm. have a good weekend.
from dirtnerdluv :
i'm glad you know and like the song Winona. i should of guessed of course.
from ann-frank :
oh dear ms. read. I had no idea my 3rd grade spelling would have such an effect! Damn phonetics! (and damn me for not even knowing really if that is how you spell phonetics!) Have you tried an eyebrow massage? That may help massage away the terrible thoughts!
from cherrydrop :
i don't know you. you don't know me. but i'd really like you to make me a mix-tape. [similar to "the people call her alaska", and with a name as good].
from theredarmy :
Now whose email doesn't work, jerk?
from punter :
No you don't understand dude. I Told her this morning. She acted like boys telling her how beautiful she is are the flies that ruin her picinic. she rolled her eyes, looked over my shoulder for help. said thanks with eyes that said leave me alone.
from punter :
Dude two things. Its worse than getting slapped when the girl rolls her eyes, looks over your shoulder for help, and then just says thanks, in a meek and uncomfortable way. and two. when picking a trucker name. I think you need to consider a slogan...maybe you could pick a pirate name and say rrr Im the assphalt pirate.
from io- :
Thanks, yeah I told Mr. OviDovi that an IO is a giant moth related to the Luna Moth (actually a Luna moth is a type of IO) and they are absolutely huge, like hummingbird size. They come out in the day sometimes and have been mistaken for birds. They have big eyes on their wings. I like bugs. My favorites right now are DamselFlies and some kinds of beetles.
from theredarmy :
Sorry, I don't speak Portugeuse either. According to the good people at Diaryland, Baby Lenin is open for business.
from theredarmy :
Point 1: There are two kinds of fisting; both qualify as fucking. Point 2: I rather enjoy the mathematical notation used to scroll between entries. Point 3: When expressing contempt, it is fun to combine the act of fucking (or fist-fucking) with various inappropriate orifices. Examples: Fist-fuck {that, him, her, them} in the {ear, eyehole, dickhole, nose}.
from punter :
Dude, although I misquoted it. (shame on me) that is Tears for Fears. Mad World, and it is sweet. but the version in the movie is a cover. what does ajuste-me no fundo de seu po´┐Żo mean? later p.s. I think your diary is swell.
from unresolved :
from nekono :
Central-Red, why are you moving to Iowa? school? farming? what what???
from nekono :
Central-Red, why are you moving to Iowa? school? farming? what what???
from alain-delon :
hello xoxo alain delon
from praiseandrew :
i forgot you were a good one. and that yer post was sarcasm. but... vespas??? everyone loves them!
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise to andrew!
from mrkristopher :
Is that nice in a good way or in a bad way? :)
from meism :
you crack me up.
from invisibleink :
the lu misses the you.
from heartshaped :
i love this and i loved yr mixtape. yum. xo.
from ubercute :
i thought i was the only one that saw the film you quoted with "you grabbed my hand and we fell into a daydream...or a fever". oh you are going to have such the religious reader for that one.
from astoria :
david mack? as in the star trek writer?
from slowed-air :
Interest backwards is tseretni. I wonder what that means for us, you and I.
from shutupmom :
cat power. meow.
from dvda :
I want you to tell me things. [email protected] I hope you are doing ok. Take care, -D
from onechopstk :
and as a you has no gender basis. i just re-read and...*sigh* you know what i mean. let's embrace ambiguity/androgyny anyway. bye bye baby.
from onechopstk :
hello mr i part of the popular crowd now?? can i hang out by your jeep cherokee in the parking lot after Bio?'re so rad :). but yes yes...getting down to brass tacks. thank you. bless you. i'm new to this whole my guru. i'll give you some pad thai if needed. (i've got the hook-up yo. it's ti-aight.) luvs, me.e.e.
from mr-pistachio :
yo girl where you at? no posts today? that aint right, i gots to get my red on on a regular basis well, i can chill for a little while, but you need to be sendin a little more lovin this way, you feelin me? check you(r diary) lata ~d-dawg
from mr-pistachio :
and yes, i suffer from severe dislexia.
from mr-pistachio :
hey jess, i still got lovin for ya, dont worry! lately ive only been online around ..what would be 5 in the morning for you i think. ill try to fix that problem tommorrow. not the time zone thing, the getting online crazzy late thing. aight girl, talk to you soon! xoxo derek
from illiac :
my anais boo, i'm your private dancer, dancing for money, i'll do what you want me to do
from illiac :
you will not officially be a diva until you get a patti labelle haircut (circa 1988.) [nod]
from mr-pistachio :
sending freeze-dried e-chicken soup on a 3000 mile journey just to make you smile =)
from palladium :
Nice shoes.
from illiac :
did you know there is a stuart, iowa? it is mentioned in on the road. i think this is a good sign.
from ann-frank :
i too, love to the red house painters and sometimes get my funky & clean piles mixed up. the world is just that much smaller today.
from diarycritic :
Hi, there. Just wanted to say thanks for the nice note. You're swell. :)

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