love, lust, and liquor.

i only write drunk and i update daily. you do the fucking math.

My favorite diaries:

burkenstocks profile - diary
comments: Joe has an odd way of making everything fascinating. i met him through a friend, who was his old roommate. hes a bang up guy. that guy he lived with smelled kinda funky tho'. hes now at
central-red profile - diary
comments: i jsut get a kick out her. as a select few may say... she "roxxors"
osaraio profile - diary
heidiann profile - diary
comments: i havent rread much yet, but she bought a kenny rogers velvet painting. in my book that gets you on my favvorits lisrt
enfaith profile - diary
comments: just wow. her layout makes me feel all.... gooogly.... and... oh. yikes. imma stop now.
damik profile - diary
comments: when you just understand what someones writing about.... yeah.

My favorite music:

Elvis Costello
comments: Thanks to Joe, life is much better when Elvis is in the stereo.
the Alkaline Trio
comments: A big guilty pleasure these days. Maybe you call them mallternitive... i call them geniuses of Alchoholic/Heartache Rock.
Less Than Jake
comments: I grew up listening to less than jake, and i plan on growing old listening to less than jake. get over your ska fears, theyre one of the best f_cking rock bands there are.
Dan Andriano
comments: Yes. He's a member of the alkaline trio, but i love this man so much he gets two mentions.
The Bionic Arm
comments: "Chris... youre an uncle" such a funny song. i met THE chris once, who that song is written for. and he actually looks like a guy who takes a long time in the bathroom.

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

C. D. Payne
comments: I'm single, let's mingle. f_cking period.
J. D. Salinger
comments: Catcher in the Rye. Stereotypical choice, but for a damn good reason.
J. R. R. Tolkien
comments: Blah blah. im a nerd. shut the f_ck up.
Johnny Green
comments: A riot of our own. he was a roadie with the clash. i reprise, "f_cking preiod."
Ben Weasel
comments: f_cking period.

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