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from loser-kitty :
gee. i wish i were drunk.
from truly-dippy :
Was just browsing through diaries, and I got reading yours. I haven't left a note before, but I'm adding you to my list of favourites - Your last entry just reminded me of things - so Good Luck with stuff, I'll be checking back.
from kitten42 :
please go here and vote for design # 10 if you do i will love you forever and link you everywhere thanks!
from integrating :
you're shweet and your diary shmokes. rock!
from spoothead :
heh. you think you are so neat. ill go with that. we can make love and then just be friends.
from emziedoo52 :
Great banner! One of the best I've seen in a long time!
from lolas-a-fox :
you rule dude, i think it might be important though that you try and find out who donated their "services" to you last nite.....maybe your friends aren't telling you who it was because it was really a dude. just a thought....let that one marinate for a while and get back to me.
from renensco :
this is the coolest diary ever.
from halfeducated :
Seriously, dude, start updating again! Please! Some of us are almost as dependent on your daily rants as you are on your smokes.
from damik :
I guess you've joined a 12 step program? How 'bout this, I'll donate to your cause if you start writing again.
from hiv :
Hey, I saw your banner on that top 100 diarys thing. It was funny so I checked out your diary and I feel really bad for you. I hope you don't do anything serious to jeapordize your well-being. I think you're a very kind person [truth is, I dont know if your a male of female, I can't remember if I saw anything showing what you were. no offense to you at all] with a lot of emotions. I'm glad that you found a place like Diaryland to transform your feelings [while you're drunk] into typing. Hah, it may be amusing for some but sometimes it can be serious as well. I just want you to know that there are people that care for you. :) I may not know you but I care for you. Take care though. ;D
from daemonchild :
I love your diary. More than I love Jesus.
from brer-rappit :
i'd say i feel your pain but i can't say i've ever been gutted - brer rappit
from huocer :
chest-pains.... that's the story of my life of late. Then i'm bipolar. GOD LOVES US
from krazekrise :
damn, bro. can we get married? if not, u can just read my diary instead.
from semiinsane :
Hey, I want to add your diary to my favorites, but I'm not sure how to do that. Can u help me out you inspired me to start my own, mine is pretty dry so far, but I will work into it. Thaks. Laura
from damik :
Ok, I don't hate you but I'm still going through chest-pains withdrawles, update soon or I'm going to find another cronically drunk, witty, self-distructive diarist to read. You can't be the only one.
from damik :
You fucken lying bastard. Go to hell. I hate you.
from pirategirl :
Ok. Ok. You're a drunk. A man after my own heart. I have to let you know that I think you rock. Later.
from sweets73 :
i found ur diary thru a pop up add just though i'd say hi i added u to my favs i like ur diary not really sure why but i do well thats all bye ^.^
from lameassgirl :
so u like less than jake AND ur an alcoholic? good in my book
from lameassgirl :
so u like less than jake AND ur an alcoholic? good in my book
from damik :
And I was celebrating because I did wake up alone. Because I wanted to not because some stranger snuck out in the middle of the night. I do have self control! Great up date.
from noagray :
your diary is too funny, i think your my new icon! keep on drinking buddy, tequil-ya later alligator, Noa x
from velvetorange : redirected to your page thru an annoying banner....great i love it completely! the whole drunk and real...atleast youare being sound interesting and i will continue to you sound like every guy here that i know...velvety smooth...velvetorange
from strummer- :
You know, I when through that ďIím only insightful and real when Iím drunkĒ phase too. I was fourteen. Your diary is alarmingly funny though, and I look forward to the A.A. era.
from brer-rappit :
hey man, i feel your pain... or your joy, either way i drink daily. matter of fact.... here, i toast to you and your bitchin' diary! added you to my favorites... where you belong, take it easy....
from emosister :
there was a banner, i clicked on it, and then i was here. i think your diary is really cool x
from damik :
Makes me wish I was a drinker. Just seems more classy then being just suicidal. Like I'm only taking it half way, or some shit like that.
from gigabit :
hi. just wanted to let you know there's some stranger reading your diary... you remind me of an old friend who I haven't written for a while. Maybe I'll go write him now... good luck with all.
from kittyspit :
wooooo sminkY!! i loike reading ur drunk diary i get high by reading it ehhe!
from smile4onlyu :
hay thanx for the note! being drunk is always fun...i dont like the cheep shit tho...bud lite all the way baby! well hope u have a great night
from central-red :
and i forgot to say: your diary has one of the best layouts ever. thanks, you're great.
from central-red :
aww! i rox0r! i'll say it once, and then i'll say it again: fucking sweet. also, drinking? yes please!
from heidiann :
Drunken ramblings so deserve their own diary. You know...I'd be much more apt to donate to you than the other Diaryland beggers. At least you're honest about where the money's going to go.
from central-red :
it takes huge chonies to make a banner when you only have 4 entries. fucking sweet.
from burkenstocks :
and people that read my diary and send me a dollar! that is the 'sixth sense'-ending of diaries, my friend. "wait, he was dead all along?" you get the fuckin' picture.

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