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Deb's Indulgence

Relocated. Reading here, but posting at http://debsiobhan.livejournal.com

My favorite diaries:

groovy-decay    profile - diary
weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  A gem - I laugh and laugh.
pennyjar    profile - diary
grouse    profile - diary
comments:  This is one down to earth diary that I always enjoy reading
wyndspirit    profile - diary
anenigma    profile - diary
comments:  And a good read too.
zencelt    profile - diary
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la-the-sage    profile - diary
comments:  This is, in fact, a kick-ass diary.
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cocoabean    profile - diary

My favorite music:

David Wilcox
comments:  ... But only the old stuff
Lowen & Navarro
Great Big Sea
Bare Naked Ladies
Grey Eye Glances

My favorite movies:

The Adventures of Bucaroo Banzai
comments:  I lost count around 100 viewings, but can still quote large chunks of movie. Part of my lost youth!
This is Spinal Tap
comments:  A true classic, better after a couple of drinks.
Waiting for Guffman
comments:  By the same crazies as above.
Star Wars
comments:  Does this need a comment? I think not.

My favorite authors:

Elizabeth Peters
comments:  But mostly just the fun Amelia Peabody mysteries.
Anne Perry
comments:  What can I say, more victorian mysteries.
Brian Wiprud
comments:  The most amazing cockeyed mystery stories ever.
Ellen Byerrum
comments:  Crimes of Fashion. Fun mysteries with fashion twist.

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