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I yam what I yam.

My favorite diaries:

Links profile - diary
comments: See my Links page
la-the-sage profile - diary
comments: She's got words, and she knows how to use them!
Crowbelle profile - diary
comments: I want to live in her lovely house on the coast of Maine.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: She cracks me up.
zen-grae profile - diary
comments: An inspiration, she handles chronic pain far better than I do.
ctmonkey profile - diary
comments: This is real... and it's gonna hurt.
Prolifique profile - diary
comments: She reached out to me when I was in need. 'Nuff said.
beyondpanic profile - diary
comments: An honest and brave journal about living with panic attacks.
wordsofmine profile - diary
comments: She rides a motorcycle. How cool is that?!
kitchenlogic profile - diary
comments: Tells it like it is.
summer-gale profile - diary
comments: Resilient and real.
greenwitch profile - diary
comments: Organic and cool.
debsiobhan profile - diary
comments: She hangs out with the cool kids. And she is wise.
mare-ingenii profile - diary
comments: She's been there and back. Inspiring.
h2odragon profile - diary
comments: A metamorphosis
joiedv profile - diary
comments: I'm enjoying getting to know her.
bastion profile - diary
comments: The Wondering Jew
singledadguy profile - diary
comments: A single guy and a dad.
walkingtour profile - diary
comments: Walking for fitness.
chailife profile - diary
comments: To Life!
hilthethrill profile - diary
comments: You gotta love an oline journal with a title like this one!
catsoul profile - diary
comments: She has an arm sleeve tattoo, and knits!
f-i-n profile - diary
comments: Wise beyond her years.
my5cents profile - diary
comments: Terrific Terri

My favorite music:

Linkin Park
comments: The combination of Chester Bennington's sweet vocals/spine-tingling screaming and Mike Shinoda's funky hiphop works for me in a big way.
Bright Eyes
comments: Brilliant!
The Beatles
comments: Of course!
comments: "OK Computer" is okay with me.
Frank Sinatra
comments: King of the hill, top of the heap...

My favorite movies:

Fiddler on the Roof
comments: Tevye: "If I bend that far, I'll break!"
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
comments: Dennis: "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"
Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: Frank N. Furter: "I see you shiver with antici.................................................................pation."
The Wizard of Oz
comments: Cowardly Lion: "What makes the Hottentot so hot?"
Bye Bye Birdie
comments: Hugo Peabody: "This town is awfully square for a cat like me."

My favorite authors:

Toni Morrison/Ann Tyler/Jane Smiley/Alice Hoffman/Amy Tan/etc.
comments: Not chick lit, but lit by chicks.
Stephen King
comments: Escapism from the horror of real life.
John Irving
comments: Quirky.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
comments: Thank you, Mrs. Dowd! (10th grade English teacher who introduced me to Dostoevsky's work)
Pat Conroy
comments: Dysfunction rules!

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