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i say pitch black, you say afro.

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

the slackers
old 97's
the toasters
they might be giants
peter gabriel

My favorite movies:

big lebowski
comments:  the all-time best movie of all-time best movies
fifth element
comments:  don't piss me off on this one
anger management
comments:  i just saw this movie, but it tore me a new one. what can i say? i'm simple
buckaroo banzai
comments:  you've never even heard of it, have ya
the adventures of baron munchausen
comments:  seriously

My favorite authors:

orson scott card
comments:  ender's game, ender's shadow, speaker for the dead
nicholson baker
comments:  fermata, vox
douglas adams
comments:  hitchhiker's guide etc. i know it's geeky, but it's true
neil stephenson
comments:  diamond age, snowcrash
terry pratchett
comments:  witches abroad, night watch, etc

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