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call it in the air

"'We accept the love we think we deserve.'"

From my senior year of high school to now. Obsessions, observations, ridiculous rants.

My favorite diaries:

makemepretty    profile - diary
comments:  I'm sorry I never sent you the Hitchhiker's Guide movies.
tattoobelly    profile - diary
comments:  I get weird looks from coworkers for laughing so much while reading her.
unknown-    profile - diary
comments:  Ambiguity ahoy!
cottoncunt    profile - diary
comments:  Kind of the kickass younger sister I never wanted.
samland    profile - diary
comments:  One of my only San Francisco friends -- by far, the most sexual being ever.
hopeless17    profile - diary
comments:  Chin up, buckaroo.
clammy05    profile - diary
comments:  Written like a true grant writer -- matter of fact, but somehow intriguing.
hairburner    profile - diary
comments:  Some dl-ers make me laugh, but she just makes me smirk -- thus, it's easier to read her at work and not get mean looks
alanajar    profile - diary
comments:  Everything is better with Pumpkin Spice lotion on your bum.
waterstain    profile - diary
comments:  Hooray!
stellarose    profile - diary
comments:  I didn't realize I'd taken her off my list during my spring cleaning and now I've missed so much! Oh no!
hey4eyes    profile - diary
comments:  Aren't we all?
logophobic    profile - diary
wakko101    profile - diary
natalucci    profile - diary
comments:  Puppy obsession hooray!
forty-plus    profile - diary
comments:  SO glad she's back.
faxmachine    profile - diary
dragging-ink    profile - diary
antigym    profile - diary
justjones    profile - diary
bliss-sad    profile - diary
ohophelia    profile - diary
greatmistake    profile - diary
kateness    profile - diary
ollia    profile - diary
lawliiet    profile - diary
errantnights    profile - diary
anne22    profile - diary
adorkable    profile - diary
bethshort    profile - diary
synchestra    profile - diary
doki--doki    profile - diary
comments:  Super love!!
pettyquarrel    profile - diary
comments:  I don't think anybody calls anything dime bags anymore, but I have myself wondered how that compares to today's black market weights and measures.

My favorite music:

phantom planet
that dog
billie holiday
nick lowe
the libertines

My favorite movies:

breakfast at tiffany's
ghost world
the graduate
lady and the tramp

My favorite authors:

anne lamott
david sedaris
melissa bank
jd salinger
amy sohn
comments:  in times of sexual peril, i ask myself, "what would amy sohn do?"

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