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Vita brevis. Ars longa.

Long ago, I said to him, "there is no science without fancy, as there is no art without fact."

"I have a notion that poetry is the highest form of self-deception," he replied. He was so often right.

With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.



My favorite diaries:

WRITERS    profile - diary
ladyofsnow    profile - diary
comments:  My Snow Queen, though I love you, not even for you would I venture into such a frozen and desolate place.
autumnal    profile - diary
comments:  My Bostonian Frivolita. An espresso and a cigarette to go with the Blahniks, darling!
ghanima    profile - diary
comments:  My Anais at times, my June at others. I am charmed... and well armed.
caudelac    profile - diary
comments:  My wife, my love, my everything. Paris is ours!
slit    profile - diary
comments:  My visceral fixer rush, the second I know it's safe to turn on the lights.
scratchvinyl    profile - diary
comments:  My unending adolescence. More complex than The Chapel of Erotic Misery.
nakedpride    profile - diary
comments:  My twin. You always felt like suede hiding underneath my skin.
donnaisblue    profile - diary
comments:  My abyss. I plunge into the depths of you.
a-iphigenia    profile - diary
comments:  The Infanta. Life as it is on stained sheets, as it is on bruised hips, as it is on bloodied lips, as it is on tender necks.
greytanit    profile - diary
comments:  The divine.
quois    profile - diary
comments:  The maze.
jonathan    profile - diary
comments:  The hip, tracing where words are born--where the truth lies, in the moment; in catharsis, in momentum, in friction.
POETS    profile - diary
aquietboy    profile - diary
comments:  Leaning against the wall, guitar in hand, watching poems become lyric as the rain starts to fall.
brevity    profile - diary
comments:  The mandala/poem makes one realize there is more beauty to sand/words than just desert/writing.
contrivance    profile - diary
comments:  21st century genius. Wrap me up in your words.
sahphire    profile - diary
comments:  She catches her O'Keefe dreams in metaphor word weaves and simile feathers.
KNOWNS    profile - diary
terpsichore    profile - diary
comments:  Welcome to the Left Bank of the Great American Desert. Even the Greeks can't compare to this Flood of Information.
namelessgirl    profile - diary
comments:  Her essays are reminiscent of Mark Twain. A flair for writing seems to run in the family. Oh, and steals boyfriends. This also appears genetic.
misparking    profile - diary
comments:  It has become evident that being a poet is a threat to all life insurance companies.
thallium    profile - diary
comments:  And thus we got down to Raskolnikov. If there is ubermensch, she's my uberwensch.
borrowmymind    profile - diary
comments:  Her parents didn't have to drop her, they owned an opium den!
poul    profile - diary
comments:  In the canvas of my screen, acrylic words. Poul, read me the Song of Songs from the days you were King Solomon.
venusianfire    profile - diary
comments:  She knows my secret; she shares my loneliness and my desire.
STORIES    profile - diary
tower    profile - diary
comments:  A labyrinth by Ghanima and Caudelac.
montparnasse    profile - diary
comments:  A private writing collab for us who missed the real thing. We are still writers, we are still poets, we are still cafe philosophers. Join us for the renaissance of Montparnasse.
kissntell    profile - diary
comments:  A public anthology of sensuality. Kiss a writer and she'll give you a proper fifteen minutes of fame.
suicideinc    profile - diary
comments:  A mirror, a dance, a silhouette--marvelous.
mytilene    profile - diary
comments:  From Mytilene these wind-scoured words come, from the shores of Ionia and the papyrus lips of two women, burning like witches in the night.
sinslaidbare    profile - diary
comments:  So tell me.
JOURNALS    profile - diary
ilonina    profile - diary
comments:  Being a silly scholar beats being a cloistered intellectual any day. I mean, tscha, we have more shoes.
neutrons    profile - diary
comments:  Untitled static often makes for the most powerful word shocks. Come sit by me and read me the length of your lifeline.
tou-mou    profile - diary
comments:  Never going to get old, either.
not-quite    profile - diary
comments:  Emotion. Concise and beautiful.
i-love-sex    profile - diary
comments:  Sex. Plain and simple and deliciously complex in a single breath between lace and silk. Would you dare refuse?
zizi    profile - diary
comments:  [Locked] Somewhere between the res extensa and the res cognitans.
protoplast    profile - diary
comments:  We have some talking to do over coffee. Non-alcoholic, lest we end up on the couch.
blueapple    profile - diary
comments:  Behold readers, the inspirational tirade.
permeation    profile - diary
comments:  Imagery. Words are unnecessary--superfluous.
recieveher    profile - diary
comments:  Teach me how to swallow the sky alongside my solitary selfishness.

My favorite music:

bossa nova
trip hop

My favorite movies:

strength & change
comments:  Elizabeth; Artemisia; The Messenger; Marie Antoinette; Quills
obsession & desire
comments:  Morte a Venecia; Dangerous Liaisons; The Virgin Suicides
lovers & artwork
comments:  The Hours; Great Expectations; The Thomas Crown Affair; Frida
the world & milan
comments:  Pret-a-Porter; Unzipped; Anna of Milan; Gia
the end & the beginning
comments:  Lola Rennt; Requiem for a Dream; Der Krieger + Die Kaiserin; Citizen Kane; Waking Life

My favorite authors:

Henry Miller
Isabel Allende
Ivan Turgenev
Clarice Lispector
Pablo Neruda

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