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My favorite music:

Magnetic Fields
comments:  Morphine
Afghan Whigs
comments:  The Mountain Goats
Catherine Wheel
comments:  Blonde Redhead
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
comments:  Doves
The Kills
comments:  Cursive

My favorite movies:

All About My Mother
comments:  Almodovar's tribute to women in film
comments:  what happens before the eyes (and the camera lens) of a blind photographer
Being There
comments:  Chauncey Gardiner for President
The Hairdresser's Husband
comments:  unbearable bliss
My Life as a Dog
comments:  arf

My favorite authors:

Martin Amis
comments:  "(imagine the atomic cloud as an inverted phallus and [her] loins as ground zero).....Hard to love, when you're bracing yourself for impact."
David Sedaris
comments:  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5066175
Seth Morgan
comments:  "...were it not for her untimely checkout..." he'd have married Janis Joplin, but he moved to New Orleans, stayed fucked up, crashed his motorcycle and joined her
Jorge Luis Borges
comments:  "We mistake that peace for death and we believe we long for our end when what we long for is sleep and indifference."
Walker Percy
comments:  "The ironwork on the balconies sags like rotten lace."

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