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hope sucks.

records. zines. comics. documentaries.

dancing in the kitchen.

riding my bike down hills. fast.


My favorite diaries:

gingeryette    profile - diary
comments:  oh me oh my. the lady with the pink house is back!
sleepystorm    profile - diary
laura-jane    profile - diary
comments:  pretty. sweet.
demoderby    profile - diary
comments:  karaoke, bowling and rain. sounds like my kinda place.
rue-madame    profile - diary
comments:  great hair, great job, great city. she is a role model for famous people.
theshivers    profile - diary
comments:  i can't believe it took me so long to discover this diary.
but-whatever    profile - diary
comments:  thirty-three is the best age for me. reading this diary makes me feel like i'm looking in the bathroom mirror with the door locked behind me.
myra-lee    profile - diary
comments:  one diaryland lady that i've had the pleasure to meet in person and wouldn't it be great to have some tea together soon? yes, i think so.
arajane    profile - diary
comments:  if you are going to tour, tennis courts are the way to go.
katherinhand    profile - diary
ceildah    profile - diary
comments:  over the seas.
ebm    profile - diary
comments:  she's gangsta and has the shirt to prove it.
lonelypee    profile - diary
comments:  i know what you mean.
shadowdress    profile - diary
comments:  it's all about the funny stuff.
mrs-roboto    profile - diary
comments:  and a pink and green house to boot.
breadisdead    profile - diary
grlscout    profile - diary
comments:  one province over and one cool lady.
enondoiel    profile - diary
mavenhaven    profile - diary
comments:  whipsmart and loads funny.
reddirtgirl    profile - diary
bananaseat    profile - diary
sls    profile - diary
snideblonde    profile - diary
emeraldtiger    profile - diary
msamy    profile - diary
almostgoldsf    profile - diary
twttrmchn    profile - diary
jinkymarvels    profile - diary
imaginekm    profile - diary
permeation    profile - diary
bicycles    profile - diary
tinyvessels5    profile - diary
empezar    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  +rolling stones. velvet underground. love. the byrds. johnny cash. marvin gaye. the carter family. nick drake. t-rex. curtis mayfield. nico.
comments:  +magnetic fields. stereolab. apples in stereo. bedhead. palace. will oldham. smog. belle and sebastien. the shins. the radio.
comments:  +common. outkast. public enemy. all natural. the new year. young marble giants. nuggets box set. nuggets II. boxstep. sigur ros.
comments:  +low. destroyer. esg. the roots. clinic. neutral milk hotel. john rae fletcher and the river. donovan. missy elliot.
comments:  +the kinks. the mountain goats. knife in the water. the white stripes. the fall. the organ. le tigre.

My favorite movies:

comments:  +american movie. happiness. the target shoots first. bottle rocket. you can count on me. the royal tenenbaums. mean streets. in the mood for love. welcome to the dollhouse.
comments:  +magnolia. hard eight. mary jane's not a virgin anymore. buffalo 66. vivre sa vie. mystery train. ghost dog. blue collar. box of moonlight.
comments:  +rushmore. highschool. days of heaven. croupier. blood simple. the big sleep. hoop dreams. the anniversary party. dogtown & zboys. 2 lane blacktop.
comments:  +election. harold & maude. parsley days. together. nashville. slacker. wild zero. the long goodbye. simple men. the shop around the corner. the ice storm.
comments:  +trust. night of the hunter. badlands. the unbeliveable truth. heavenly creatures. bonnie & clyde. do the right thing. after life. after hours.human nature.

My favorite authors:

comments:  +dave eggers. +chris ware.
comments:  +margaret atwood. judy blume.
comments:  +lorrie moore. david sedaris.
comments:  +haruki murakami.
comments:  +dan clowes. debbie dreshler.

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