Miss Adventures in the 415

A series of true events arranged in such a way as to entertain, inform, illuminate, and above all, make me look good.

You will notice that I seemingly reproduce conversations perfectly that no normal human being could possibly remember. Well, I am not a not a normal human being, I have what is called �selective humorous photographic memory,� which means I only remember the funny conversations. But rest assured, I remember them exactly.

Warning: lots and lots of exclamation points are utilized here! Someone! Gets! Easily! Excited!

Warning: if I know you in my �real� life, don�t bother getting angry if I don�t mention you. What can I say? Already, so many lovers hate me for not mentioning them (you know who you are, C.) so get in line.

Warning: Some of these tales are not for the fainthearted. They may contain adult situations (not likely) and zesty language (pretty damn likely) that may not be appropriate for younger readers. In other words, it�s rated R, so if you are under the age of seventeen and reading this, you�re totally busted. All I ask is that you don�t just race ahead to the naughty parts, like I did with my Judy Blume books.

So here goes. The truth and nothing but the truth. Or at least the truth that makes me look good. I hope its not too boring.

My favorite diaries:

weirdomagnet profile - diary
comments: a moment of silence, please, for the queen mother of attracting every and singleweirdo within a two mile radius. Together we are unstoppable.
davidde profile - diary
judahcrutial profile - diary
comments: the most brilliant and adorable and sweetnatured baby ever born.
rue-madame profile - diary
comments: She knew about Marston's french toast - a secret LA treat - and she earned her place in the Pantheon of Coolest Chicks Around.
myra-lee profile - diary
comments: Leader of the pea-coat gang.
shadowdress profile - diary
oh-sweet-pea profile - diary
comments: ms. nettie has the coolest stuff going on in her life...PYT fling, web designing, a new swinging single bachelorette lifestyle in vancouver...
ammo-dots profile - diary
comments: i feel like mr. ammo-dots and i are pals. but that would probably creep him out. But then again, we could sip some sloe gin fizzes and sing walk of life together and we�d be alright again.
kayemess profile - diary
comments: an all around good time by my second favorite canadian.
shanono profile - diary
comments: she's brilliant. Brilliant. i wish i could write like her. Also, I covet naturally flippy hair.
miralogue profile - diary
mrs-roboto profile - diary
comments: Domo arigato Mrs-roboto.
gretl profile - diary
comments: like veruca salt, she wants the world and she wants it now. I can relate.
manukenkun profile - diary
peckish profile - diary
rubyfuss profile - diary
fussbudget profile - diary
comments: thesis! music! moving! oh my.
theshivers profile - diary
almostgoldsf profile - diary
comments: c'est magnifique
culotte profile - diary
comments: lucky panties indeed! i love a girl with lucky chonees
lollygrass profile - diary
comments: oh dear, gaz's stalker
ceildah profile - diary
freakymandy profile - diary

My favorite music:

red house painters
comments: neutral milk hotel , the sea and cake, the pixies, new pornographers, bedhead, spoon
johnny cash
comments: merle haggard, blind willie
sam cooke
comments: nat king cole, otis redding, marvin gaye
comments: and other whittling music - son volt, uncle tupelo
Neil Diamond
comments: yes, and I also happen to like N'Sync too. I am not ashamed to admit that.

My favorite movies:

safe men
the women
annie hall
girl on a bridge

My favorite authors:

Flannery O'Connor
john steinbeck
henry miller
milan kundera
e.m. forster

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