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Letters From A Small Hedgehog

I'm just waiting to escape to the Land of Volpukia...

My favorite diaries:

bloodyscars    profile - diary
comments:  a very dark, very complicated girl who's a stunningly powerful writer
siobhanhalo    profile - diary
comments:  a girl whose diary i've been waiting for...
jeskasentari    profile - diary
comments:  the lovely and pensive jessica...who *must* write more!
cloverst    profile - diary
comments:  a girl who appreciates ghostly architecture...
icomeundone    profile - diary
comments:  A lovely girl with dark dreams and poetry inside her head...
moonshadow34    profile - diary
comments:  Maegan knows that parallel lines meet in South Dakota, and that Pikachu is our guardian kami
mcearstix    profile - diary
comments:  Christian is lovely, talented, fun, and well-traveled--a brilliant find
andwebreathe    profile - diary
comments:  Breathtakingly lovely and sad and dream-like...
bombasine    profile - diary
comments:  Kristin knows about trilobites...and capybaras.
inimitable    profile - diary
comments:  charming and alluring...
lourspete    profile - diary
comments:  A diary by a most clever and intrepid little stuffling bear.
painted-eyes    profile - diary
comments:  A girl with the promise of literary talent and romantic styles...
greentealeaf    profile - diary
comments:  A gentle and lovely voice from the Antipodes
transcend    profile - diary
comments:  Witty, dreamy, kind, delightful, good tastes in film, philosophy, and music...
g1rly-g1rl2    profile - diary
comments:  absolutely. really.
killingjar    profile - diary
comments:  the lovely and sardonic Tiana...Red, to her friends.
galaxy    profile - diary
comments:  a beautiful and witty girl with Happy Bunny lip balm and cool stufflings
ivich    profile - diary
comments:  A lovely girl who can use a bow...and knows about the Kamakura ghost
how-to-fight    profile - diary
comments:  A girl who brings Nico to mind. How can a honey hawk not read her?
atwowaydream    profile - diary
comments:  Pale, icy beauty...mazzy star, winter crystal nights...Selena.
monster-b    profile - diary
comments:  Tardigrade the Waterbear is vur' pettable
iwaswalking    profile - diary
comments:  Lovely university tales...and Warhol dreams
delighted    profile - diary
comments:  it will always be Rhodesia
genetikerin    profile - diary
comments:  a beautiful science girl in the Carolinas
and-darling    profile - diary
comments:  fierce and beautiful
oftenabsent    profile - diary
comments:  the beautiful and dream-haunted Lissy
southeast    profile - diary
comments:  a girl on the way to budapest
driftsofeden    profile - diary
comments:  poetry from the antipodes
girl101    profile - diary
comments:  after six years...
sweetmiser    profile - diary
comments:  a girl behind masks
baneberry    profile - diary
comments:  a mystery girl...
porzellan    profile - diary
comments:  archives from deutschland
fifidellabon    profile - diary
comments:  champagne and wit
enfinblue    profile - diary
comments:  memories of vancouver
sky-rocket    profile - diary
comments:  traveling...
venusianfire    profile - diary
comments:  a voice on the moors
polygon    profile - diary
comments:  fragments like obsidian knives
gia-carangi    profile - diary
comments:  sing blue silver...
aeka    profile - diary
comments:  chopin and blondie...and Russian nights
ollia    profile - diary
comments:  long legs and gesso...
aetherface    profile - diary
comments:  a ghostgirl voice on the aether
bethshort    profile - diary
comments:  lovely writing, fine craft
dovesanddust    profile - diary
comments:  dreamy and melancholy...
julymalaise    profile - diary
comments:  someone new...
ifiliedown    profile - diary
comments:  green eyes and Neko Case...
famelicose    profile - diary
comments:  the wickedly clever Sarah...

My favorite music:

Cowboy Junkies
comments:  Margot Timmins' voice leaves me breathless; the songs are dark and knowing and heartbreaking
comments:  Yes, I have that major crush on Shirley Manson, but who doesn't? The songs are complex, the music compelling
comments:  My favorite 80s dance band! "Sex (I'm a...)" is the premiere dance song (and video) of my clubland days
Bryan Ferry
comments:  The embodiment of that haunting elegance that always attracts me. His Roxy Music CDs are worth having, too
Marianne Faithfull
comments:  That voice... And songs like "Running For Our Lives" and "Falling From Grace" and "Times Square" leave me frozen and haunted

My favorite movies:

comments:  Scary, majorly sexy, twisted, incredibly cold and witty, David Cronenberg at his best: the erotica of car crashes
Naked Lunch
comments:  David Cronenberg again-- a blackly funny rendering of the Wm. S. Burroughs novel. Peter Weller is brilliant.
comments:  Eerie, beautiful, dreamy... The young life of the Dalai Lama. Great soundtrack by Philip Glass
Mulholland Drive
comments:  Okay-- I already live in this world. David Lynch on a Hollywood full of dwarves, conspiracies, beautiful lesbians, and a shifting reality
The 13th Warrior
comments:  Okay, yes: I have a weakness for heroic legend. Antonio Banderas in a version of Michael Crichton's "Eaters of the Dead". Great photography, great soundtrack...and a rather good evocation of the Norse idea of the hero.

My favorite authors:

Mary Renault
comments:  Brilliantly done novels of Ancient Greece. "The King Must Die" and "The Persian Boy" will both take your breath away. I assign "Last of the Wine" to History classes.
J.G. Ballard
comments:  Re-defined science fiction. His "Voices of Time" and "The Crystal World" and his Vermilion Sands stories are beautiful, eerie, dark...
Haruki Murakami
comments:  Hokkaido, invisible sheep, Japanese jazz, a perfect sense of bittersweetness...
Robert Musil
comments:  "The Man Without Qualities"... Late-Habsburg Vienna, of course: Wien, Wien, nur du allein...
William Gibson
comments:  Why can't I live in his cities? Or at least date Molly or Cayce...?

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