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It's about time I updated this crap, don't you think?

Here are the basics: I am a state highway employee (no laughing, please) who has been (happily) married to Lease since 1980. Our boy, Codeman, is a busy 21-year-old, who used to write a journal, but doesn't anymore.

We reside in Mohall, N.D. (*wink*), and I make far too much salsa , pickles, canned fruit, and jam every summer.

Roadiepig was my little girl(o.k., pup) who passed away a few years ago in December. I started using her nickname for eBay and signing into Internet web sites, and it just stuck with me. Now, she is there to look over my writing every day (she is the cutie at the top of my entry page).

Most people don’t put much here, but, if you read my ‘journal’, you will find out I am not “most people”……

Blah blah fuckity blah....



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My favorite music:

King's X
comments:  The most underated hard rock band around.If you don't know them,start with"Gretchen Goes to Nebraska"
Tom Petty
comments:  Steely Dan ,Van Halen(early stuff) Teenage Fanclub,Pixies,Starz,Chris Whitley,Joe Satriani
comes with the fall
comments:   C.W.T.F. is a great band from San Monica-check out their website (http://www.comeswiththefall.com)...B.R.M.C. , Enuff Z'Nuff,Foo Fighters,Badfinger,The Call,Everclear,Stevie Vai,Galactic Cowboys,Weezer,The Hives, Queens of the Stone Age,
Cheap Trick
comments:  Aerosmith,Sloan,Thrush Hermit,Mathew Sweet,Teenage Fanclub,Foghat,Jeff Beck,Incubus
comments:  American Hi-Fi,Big Sugar,Ultra V,Sprung Monkey,Dinosaur Junior,Nikka Costa,Llama,and many ,many more....

My favorite movies:

Kentuck Fried Movie
comments:  Stoopid stoopid stoopid! Love it anyway(first movie by the Zucker brothers,who later made Airplane! and Police Squad!)
comments:  Harvey Kietel keeps his clothes on! Yeah! Great film about a cigar shop and people around it.Look for it!
The Crow
comments:  "They're all already dead.They just don't know it yet"
comments:  Bill Murray makes it("It's no big deal" he says as he eats the Baby Ruth'doodie')
Out of Sight
comments:  Jennifer Lopez can act! Who knew?Well-made version of Elmore Leonard book.

My favorite authors:

John Grisham
comments:  Alright,formulaic but still a good read
Nick Hornby
comments:  Author of High Fidelity(great) and About a Boy(even better story).I have to get his new one!(after writing this, I did. It was a little strange, but still good stuff)
Elmore Leonard
comments:  The best cop books not about cops.Several decent movies made of his work(Out of Sight and Get Shorty to name 2)
William Shatner
comments:  Na.....just kiddin'!
Allan Sherman
comments:  Rape of the A.P.E. --his only book, but had a profound effect on my life

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