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My favorite diaries:

timecat    profile - diary
comments:  my punk-rock hero.
halfsorry    profile - diary
comments:  where are you?
frequencies    profile - diary
comments:  no compassion. smart cynical rather beautiful.
beatpoetgrrl    profile - diary
comments:  "we think that the act of being who we are is a revolution in itself."
perceptions    profile - diary
comments:  you probably split her infinitives.
cosmokane    profile - diary
comments:  back to doc martens, secret crushes, and the hours you spent making terribly earnest mixtapes.
smartypants    profile - diary
comments:  i am moved by her brilliance, imagination, and comic sensibility. she is a relief.
disquiet    profile - diary
comments:  you swore me the sky through a speaker.
shutupmom    profile - diary
comments:  a spectacular human. go prank her. seriously.
lightfallsup    profile - diary
comments:  god you should have been there once now not the same blows through your skull rips at your aging eyes leaves them damp with new freedom
habbit    profile - diary
comments:  renaissance creator, my ny twin secret conspirator.
saint-louise    profile - diary
comments:  beautifully honest. fucking hilarious.
shamsi9    profile - diary
comments:  poet music making goddess.
vyv-xx    profile - diary
comments:  sexy brooding fallen anti-establishment charmer. and nice tits.
peth    profile - diary
comments:  amazing ocd imaginative tasty treats for you.
haberdasher    profile - diary
comments:  *not moody* and a fucking writer. oh no, i definitely have a crush.
scanzilla    profile - diary
comments:  total crush.
pthaloblue    profile - diary
comments:  a pure and beautiful friend of mine. in real life. she paints like she feels; deep, dark and honest.
indie-anna    profile - diary
comments:  we are mega rock stars on jupiter. sarah charms my panties off.
n-poledancer    profile - diary
comments:  my role-model pole-model beauteous thing. love her.
rsn8    profile - diary
comments:  a very true and beautiful friend.
iooi    profile - diary
comments:  sometimes you just know you know each other. mmm mmm good.
bunns    profile - diary
comments:  one of my hardcore peeps. true family. a true goddess.
chuna    profile - diary
comments:  chuna school's me. *swoon*
kittybukkake    profile - diary
comments:  fabulous. non-stop. out there.
endline    profile - diary
comments:  delicious and profound.
liquid-stun    profile - diary
comments:  his reality makes me comfortable.
jcruelty    profile - diary
comments:  ...But for a brief moment I really thought that they'd all gone mad and were trying to *fly*.
rusty-t    profile - diary
comments:  But you know what era I really, really dig? The next one. The one that hasn't happened yet.
soursaurus    profile - diary
comments:  and oh yeah...people keep calling me the sheriff
discodave    profile - diary
comments:  who doesn't love discodave???
palinode    profile - diary
comments:  In the spa men and women run from their hips and bellies on the treadmill
recieveher    profile - diary
mcearstix    profile - diary
fridayfilms    profile - diary
comments:  I want to dilute myself in night’s infinite potential.
affiliate19    profile - diary
comments:  outside the birds are gabbering in a language which they make by throwing chandeliers through windows.

My favorite music:

comments:  boards of canada, mighty math, oliver lieb, ninja tune
sigur ros
comments:  early verve, beck, fugazi, birdsaw, lop!station, yarddogs
massive attack
comments:  nightmares on wax, lamb, talvin singh, cibo matto, xtra action
dj shadow
comments:  dj logic, amon tobin, bdp, higher intelligence agency
prefuse 73
comments:  mike ladd, soul coughing, mos def, joni, aceyalone

My favorite movies:

until the end of the world
comments:  ma vie en rose. wings of desire.
comments:  2001. matrix. secret of nimh.
waking the dead
comments:  heavy metal. microcosmos. big blue
dead man
comments:  three caballeros. xanadu. watership down
the anniversary party
comments:  box of moonlight. the man who knew too litle

My favorite authors:

comments:  currently reading: locked in the cabinet
carl sagan
herman hesse
lao tzu
kurt vonnegut

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