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Thoughts of an Unique Girl

23 year old college graduate on her way to start a new life in Ohio to be with her boyfriend.



My favorite diaries:

fulfilled    profile - diary
hardrain    profile - diary
comments:  Heather. She was in the Diaryland Survivor Game. She works at a vet and loves animals. She is a very cool girl.
gabriela83    profile - diary
comments:  cool chic from out of this country. She is so cool.
jason75    profile - diary
comments:  Cool guy from Australia. He is very optimistic about life. I like that. He is currenlty touring Australia right now so is unable to update so often.
patw-21    profile - diary
comments:  cool kat from canada. His name pat. he is punker kind of guy.
ohio21boy    profile - diary
comments:  coo kat, he is so funny. He seems like the best person to hang out. I get the impression he is a party freak.
kidneygurl    profile - diary
comments:  she gave her husband one of her kidney's for his transplant. cool lady.
swtapplpie    profile - diary
comments:  This girl's diary is hilarious. She is a teacher from the good ole south. reminds me of the diary of chubbychic they both have a great sense of humor
fallenorra    profile - diary
sunnflower    profile - diary
comments:  a great mother, and a person who loves to take pics. Her diary is very amusing filled with good humor. I love it!
babygyrl02    profile - diary
comments:  This is a cool black girl from texas. I have enjoyed reading her diary, and I hope to have made a new friend.
jessnichole    profile - diary
momma03    profile - diary
comments:  a young mother to be. I really like her diary.
lealoo    profile - diary
comments:  a 24 year old mommy who drives a school bus. She is really cool, and funny.
pinkpinky19    profile - diary
comments:  a friend from highschool. She is second year, I got her into diaryland. She is a really cool chica!
kristintracy    profile - diary
comments:  a cool girl whose diary is hilarious. She just loves pickles!
eccentrik    profile - diary
comments:  cool girl who is in her highschool career, she reminds me of myself when I was here age. She has a good head on her shoulders, and seems to be a cool person!
mayapple    profile - diary
comments:  this chick is cool. Her diary is funny. she is from TN she loves links too!
cocoastar    profile - diary
comments:  A really beautiful person. She has just started College, I hope she enjoys her college career.
iwillsurvive    profile - diary
comments:  got her diary through the book club member's list. Sounds like a really sweet person, who is determined to not let anything keep her down.
bttrflychic    profile - diary
london-times    profile - diary
comments:  madam chloe, in london!
allie-may    profile - diary
mirroredfate    profile - diary
maibee    profile - diary
comments:  A really cool girl. I swear she is a white girl trapped in a black girl's body.

My favorite music:

Shirley Caesar
comments:  Greateste Female Gospel Singer
James Cleveland
comments:  Greatest Gospel singer
Jeremy Camp
comments:  Greatest christian singer. His songs are so touching.
Alanis Morrisette
comments:  She is so cute. My favorite album by her is Jagged Little Pill.
comments:  my new favorite rock band. Amy Lee's voice is awesome.

My favorite movies:

The Color Purple
comments:  Greatest movie ever!
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
comments:  greatest children movie ever.
comments:  Halie Berry is great in this movie.
Far and Away
comments:  This movie is romantic!
Fight Club
comments:   Kooky Movie!

My favorite authors:

Judy Blume
comments:  Loved Her books, just can't think of any titles.
Eric Jerome Dickey
comments:  He is a great author
Ann. M. Martin
comments:  Loved the Babysitter's Club Series
Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins
comments:  Greatest Series ever! Leftbehind is great.

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