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Fair Handsome Princes...

...need not apply. The gig was taken a while ago, and besides, for all your fairness you were a bit effete.



My favorite diaries:

alwaysange    profile - diary
comments:  It's like squeeze cheese and ritz crackers.
chailife    profile - diary
comments:  "We are what we pretend to be. So we'd better be careful what we pretend to be." Kurt Vonnegut
chubbychic    profile - diary
comments:  Still getting the hang of it. Don't know if I ever will. Still reading.
fae-mist    profile - diary
comments:  Now that she's all with the married and stuff...she rarely updates *sigh*
girle    profile - diary
comments:  Seriously, I'd like to meet her somtime. Lunch downtown?
iwillsurvive    profile - diary
comments:  Inspirational at times, always interesting.
lostinmylove    profile - diary
comments:  She has a wonderful writing style - Not your average "I had toast for breakfast" diary...wow.
cosmicbliss3    profile - diary
selah36    profile - diary
comments:  sshhhhh - she's a secret squirrel
squirrelx    profile - diary
comments:  Don't know where she's gone to....but hopefully she's okay...
Starlight42    profile - diary
comments:  Makin' white bread look good :)
anaz-gurl    profile - diary
bodega    profile - diary
comments:  Another mom on D-land....which means I don't have to feel all alone when I make those whiney mom-type posts...
ladybugge    profile - diary
comments:  My inspiration.
wifemotherme    profile - diary
comments:  Similar, yet not the same - Isn't that the best :)
darcy-farrow    profile - diary
spacemuppet    profile - diary
comments:  Rarely updates, very well written
oddsfish    profile - diary
bingoguy    profile - diary
comments:  Please keep updating!
pauls-lab    profile - diary
irishblueeyes    profile - diary
comments:  Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk
bettyalready    profile - diary
comments:  Wacky & Phenominal & Witty & Smart
ramblin-bill    profile - diary
comments:  Funny.
theflyingrat    profile - diary
comments:  Not new anymore...but still fantastic reading :)
cruel-irony    profile - diary
comments:  Reeeeeeeeeeally smart chica
porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  I may regret this.........naaaah.....
hissandtell    profile - diary
comments:  The writing style alone is worth a gander
frogmom    profile - diary
comments:  Did I mention that D-Land moms are the bestest?
suzannadanna    profile - diary
kilowatt    profile - diary
jesbohn    profile - diary
comments:  Been reading forever, don't know why she hasn't been on the favorites *shrug*
madfuzzyme    profile - diary
comments:  Working on it
skibigsky    profile - diary
hunterpoo    profile - diary
comments:  The pictures alone make it a worthwhile visit. The great entries are just a bonus.
xat    profile - diary
comments:  New! (For me....)
alwaysmuted    profile - diary
comments:  Welcome Back!
tiedyefor    profile - diary
comments:  Really talented artist, wonderful writer.
chained-soul    profile - diary
comments:  ooh! this is a *good* one!
dynamita    profile - diary
i-never-said    profile - diary
wonderchai    profile - diary
princess03    profile - diary
dukkha-tanha    profile - diary
sandandfog    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
comments:  Everybody wants something from her - Everybody want a piece of Mary...
Dresden Dolls
comments:  Righteous RIGHTEOUS angry girl music.
Amy Mann
comments:  Girly girly girly - I love it soooo much. It's tea and sympathy music.
Tom Petty
comments:  Yes, I'll admit it. I like his stuff...okay, okay...I love his music.
The Postal Service
comments:  You can think I'm a poseur if you want, I couldn't really give a shit.

My favorite movies:

comments:  They just rocked the whole thing. Feeling of a stage play with Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Niiiice.
Amityville Horror
comments:  The original. The remake. Whatever. I've loved it since I was a wee girl.
American Beauty
comments:  The happiest ending, perhaps ever.
What Dreams May Come
comments:  I don't wanna talk about it.
Ah! My Goddess
comments:  It's mine and the hubby's movie. We think it represents our relationship pretty accurately.

My favorite authors:

William Gibson
comments:  It's like the words are paints and paper is his canvas. Neuromancer is the most famous of his books.
Christopher Baldwin
comments:  Does the online comic strip Bruno at http://www.brunostrip.com
Umberto Eco
comments:  I really liked Focoult's Pendulum (Even if I can't spell this morning)
Terry Moore
comments:  Strangers in Paradise is more than a comic book. It's good fiction.
Neil Gaiman
comments:  I don't know if I spelled it wrong. I don't care enough to check. Love the books.

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