extraneous existentialism

I actually breathe. Don't we all. I suppose there are many users, so if I happen to be noticed, yippy doo da day: Say something! read the dream entries, 'cause i hardly ever remember them enough to write them out... like now

for those that need it, i'll give you a hint to my gender: i won't allow myself to be the dyke that everyone knows i could be. and don't worry, i left out the raisins the recipe suggested.

My favorite diaries:

ghostofgor profile - diary
comments: think boy, think!
porktornado profile - diary
comments: jeezits, this guy is good
deadthyme profile - diary
comments: good to go
hamiltonian profile - diary
comments: what an opinion
thesole profile - diary
comments: thespians do it on stage
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: hokay, so, here's dee urth... mang, that's a pretty sweet urth you might say; all rouwnd... yea, she's like that
nightmare54 profile - diary
comments: i admit that im adding this to read the buddies on their list. drop dead funny stuff.
his-holiness profile - diary
comments: covet his soliloquies
monkey-king profile - diary
comments: lick 'em
smoog profile - diary
comments: i live blissfully in her every orifice
sonichead profile - diary
comments: she's from finland and i hope she's as hot as her entries
czarandom profile - diary
comments: and there was light, and it said "i'm going to think the dark away"
iwillsurvive profile - diary
comments: i'll show you my cerebro-spinal fluid if you show me yours
hooch21 profile - diary
comments: code red: anal beads
jenniam profile - diary
comments: you say lesbian like its a bad thing
gumphood profile - diary
comments: i'll molest them if i want to!
Madrigle profile - diary
comments: this man dorks paintings
worthlessl profile - diary
comments: the best way to fag it out voraciously

My favorite music:

sigur ros
comments: I can only handle them once a month. The vocalist seems to be bombarded by emotions while performing, so I sort of get a whiff of them as well. Don't want to go into an emotional overdrive! That's a different part of the month!
dresdon dolls
comments: for any canadian emo woman. Just kidding Alanis; they're from Boston and so original it burns the hairs from pubescent boys' chests.
comments: the rutty side of me breathes them...
Von Bondies
comments: I don't think this has anything to do with the band, but every time I listen to them I get the itch to steal. Hooray for morals, 'cause the poor thrift stores would be aching.
Hot Hot Heat
comments: They make me feel like I'm in the movie Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Wow.

My favorite movies:

The Fifth Element
comments: So call me stupid, but i actually figured out just last year that the fifth element is love. How ucky. But I still love the movie. I suppose I knew it subconsciously. Heh. Wonderful acting/ character portrayal. One of the movies that I have to tell myself
comments: Although Orlando Bloom had a main role and they didn't include the gods' roles, I found it quite exceptional. Beautiful is definitely a possibilty.
Requiem For A Dream
comments: Don't do drugs. I love the end.
Donny Darko
comments: Mm, the philosophies and concepts of time travel and co-existing pan-dimensions. So gewd. Plus high-quality actors or believable characters.
Mario Bro's
comments: The John Luguisimo version. I still watch it and I still love it!

My favorite authors:

Laurell K. Hamilton
comments: She's getting a bit slutty with her characters nowadays, but I'm still reading it for the sake of my lust for good character development. She needs to work on her skills. Sex is not the only thing that can change a person!
Anne Rice
comments: I haven't read her older stuff in a few years, but she helped me grow up, so she deserves to be mentioned. I don't like her last 3 or 5 novels. Poor girl is trying new things. I'm sure her new style is just a sign that she's at a new s
Ray Bradbury
comments: Long live Ray. He's 84 and on a pedestal above most writers of sci-fi genre.
Arthur C. Clarke
comments: An honorary FBI member for his technological ideas/strategems. Still alive and kickin'. I hope to meet him before he goes off into his fantasies for the last time.
comments: corny, but yes, I love what I have written thus far, though I have not posted it on the internet for fear of copyright infringements. So what if I'm paranoid? I think it's good stuff....

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