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Mom of one, bisexual, polyamorous, agnostic, transplanted Southerner (and I miss it!), loves to cross-stitch and quilt. Searching for myself, I'll let you know when I find me.

My favorite diaries:

anat    profile - diary
comments:  I live vicariously through her exploits.
badlock    profile - diary
comments:  More of what you've been craving
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comments:  Mmmm.
comfortfood    profile - diary
comments:  Recipes and other fun.
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comments:  I'm jealous of her fitness :)
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comments:  The old becomes new again.
dthomasg    profile - diary
comments:  A friend of Natalie's and a great person in his own right. :)
erlenweg6    profile - diary
comments:  A far stronger person than I could ever be.
genibee    profile - diary
comments:  Found via Natalie, and I love her.
herworship    profile - diary
comments:  A wonderful writer and a wonderful person.
katiedid    profile - diary
comments:  A college friend. I miss her.
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comments:  A new-ish favorite.
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comments:  Her journey is amazing and interesting.
ltlbird    profile - diary
comments:  my bestest friend!
maiarayne    profile - diary
comments:  A sweet person with an adorable kid!
mechaieh    profile - diary
comments:  She always makes me think.
melwadel    profile - diary
comments:  A new favorite.
mercurial73    profile - diary
comments:  Don't resist, join Mistress Sinister in her quest to rule the world. :)
mickey225    profile - diary
comments:  It's been way too long since I've seen you.
milkmaid    profile - diary
comments:  She always has something interesting to say.
misterzero    profile - diary
comments:  No one fucks with Mister Zero!
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comments:  I'd love to hear her sing. :)
pandionna    profile - diary
comments:  Political rantings that always make me think.
pischina    profile - diary
comments:  A wonderfully strong woman with two great kids.
sometoast    profile - diary
comments:  password protected, but worth the read.
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comments:  a lovely read.
amysloss    profile - diary
comments:  A new favorite.
monkeymia    profile - diary
comments:  Somehow I deleted her from my list! It was an accident!
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sand-girl    profile - diary
msleslie    profile - diary
cutielatina    profile - diary
sanetwin    profile - diary
la-the-sage    profile - diary
laurasbaby    profile - diary
pumpkinhouse    profile - diary

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