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My name's Melissa, but I usually go by Mel. I was born in January of '75. I grew up in Montana, and now live in Massachusetts. I'm in a wonderful relationship with a man named Erich, and am owned by two cats who always keep me on my toes.

I'm Pagan by faith-- eclectic with some Wiccan tendencies, but nothing specific. I often talk about spiritual things in my journal, and welcome those who genuinely want to discuss what inspires them religiously (translation= not "witnessing" or conversions... just sharings of what makes life joyous and peaceful through faith).

I'm an avid writer-- in my journal, as a professional freelancer, and as a hopeful future novelist. I enjoy writing to penpals worldwide, reading, listening to music, exploring little towns here in New England, playing RPG's such as Dungeons & Dragons (and other d20 products), Renaissance Faires, anime, cross-stitching, and whatever else comes to mind.<p>

My favorite diaries:

lenaleigh profile - diary
comments: One of the diaryland diarists who has dropped me several messages encouraging me to start this back up. :)
trancejen profile - diary
comments: one of the wittiest writers that I can relate to in some ways, and find fascinatingly opposite in others.
moxiemoron profile - diary
comments: the first diaryland writer I ever knew
pieceofmind1 profile - diary
comments: A former D-X'er who moved over here for a bit more privacy
bolashley profile - diary
comments: Oh, how familiar some of this sounds....
glitterfaery profile - diary
comments: Her writing is great. Simple, yet it seems quite honest and grounded. :)
dlrealworld profile - diary
comments: This project idea is fantastic. I've applied to become a part of it *crosses fingers*
neko-carre profile - diary
comments: A lively diary I found through bolashley. :)
sls profile - diary
vramin profile - diary
laura-jane profile - diary
nympholex profile - diary
comments: She's a fellow gamer geek. Things sound awful familiar at times...
finnegan profile - diary
comments: I love the setup of his journal-- on a page of a composition books, including little graphics and such. Great read, and original setup. :)
bettyalready profile - diary
comments: Stuff sounds familiar in here..
piotr profile - diary
comments: He has a wonderful style of writing that just makes me feel like a friend...
cheesyp profile - diary
comments: cute little journal... :)
azimel profile - diary
comments: She applied for an interview at interviewed.dx, and I fell in love with her energetic writing style...
mai-liis profile - diary
comments: Mai-Liis and I have been in swapping circles together for many, many years, although I don't think we've really ever swapped with each other. She links to my DX journal... and I link her here. :) Kinda weird how you find people that you know
chatted-up profile - diary
comments: A great site to find journal *interview* sites. I'm anti-review, and she was kind enough to advertise my dx interview site (
vanillan profile - diary
comments: a new read... more details later... :)
tou-mou profile - diary
comments: another new read...
souramethyst profile - diary
comments: :)
princesscris profile - diary
comments: :)
tornflames profile - diary
comments: :)
siilucidly profile - diary
comments: :)
krimsonlake profile - diary
wordsofmine profile - diary
persacanzona profile - diary
comments: a diary I've enjoyed reading for a while... sadly, she's gone. And will be missed...
sistercookie profile - diary
jen69 profile - diary
dramoth profile - diary
opheliatl profile - diary
silverbiker profile - diary
invernal profile - diary
swordsmaiden profile - diary
ergoatlas profile - diary
comments: Found this guy through a banner link on Aug. 25th. Great writing style... I highly recommend his entry about memories.
journ-proj profile - diary
comments: much like the 1000 journals project... I can't wait to participate in this!
cielamara profile - diary
comments: A Pagan woman going through much of what I've gone through... :)
terter profile - diary
comments: A new journal I came across... looks interesting.
anonadada72 profile - diary
comments: A new journal I definitely want to read... and need to add here so I remember. :)
eshanaminda profile - diary
comments: Another solitary who follows a tradition I've never heard of-- I'm looking forward to learning from her experiences.

My favorite music:

comments: I began listening to U2 when Joshua Tree first came out. I love their 80's stuff. Newer stuff is still growing on me. :)
Billy Joel
comments: A must have for long road trips. Or while sipping an ice tea on a cool afternoon. Put on "New York State of Mind" and try it. Honest.
comments: I use their music a lot when I either meditate or do ritual. Since each album begins and ends with the same overtone notes, it's great to just put them back to back in the CD changer
Lorenna McKennitt
comments: The most incredible combination of instruments and styles from all over the world. Beautiful stuff.
Marc Cohn
comments: Something about his music just is simple and honest. Lots of memories of childhood and my teenage years come back to me when I listen to his first album (self-titled).

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Rosemary Edghill
comments: I picked up the second of her Bast trilogy on a whim, and was immediately hooked. Pagan mystery novels. Gotta love 'em!
Nora Roberts
comments: Guilty smut treasures. I normally hate romance novels. Hers interest me, though. :)
R. A. Salvatore
comments: Because I'm a geek. It's a necessity, despite my boyfriend's somewhat jealous joking that he's a "hack."
comments: No one writes poetry better than the Bard. It's tough to translate sometimes, but his writing is pure beauty.
Stephen King
comments: Although I can't read everything he's written, I respect him tremendously as an author. Like me, he seems to need to write. Only he's much more prolific than I am.

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