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from clearscarlet :
Hi, I'm really sorry but can you kick me out of your gamergeeks ring? *Only I've tried leaving all my rings and it won't work... No offence meant, or anything...I just don't identify myself as a member! (sorry to be awkward).
from paperclipy :
Hello Mel. I really liked your autumn posting and the lovely pictures you posted. I was writing about autumn too, so I linked to you in my latest posting. Your site is beautiful.
from wordsofmine :
Good for you for doing NaNo this year. I thought about it but I've had no ideas for which to write about. I'm having a hard time just writing at WoM which is what I really want to do. But, I support you all the way!!!
from july28 :
Oooooh....I love your dress!!!! You both look lovely (and happy) love Fran xxxx
from cielamara :
Holy crap. That email is SCARY. What can we do? ~*Cielamara
from wordsofmine :
Hi Measi! I'm so glad you stopped and said hi. So hi back! Have a grand day.
from wordsofmine :
Congratulations on ten years!
from wordsofmine :
I'm glad to ready I'm not the only one who's been lax on ritual. I've had the same feelings in the past year. I can't seem to get myself motivated. As of late, all I've been doing is lighting a candle and meditating.
from wordsofmine :
Where in Maine were you? I'm a Maine girl. Born in Portland and grew up in and around Otisfield. Went to school at Oxford Hills High School in the Norway-South Paris area.
from starlight42 :
clicked on your banner, cool diary. I love Krispy Kreme's...mmmm
from lostunicorn :
Hi I love your layout:)
from gerg69 :
Do you know, You are the only person to get the carnivorous bran muffin oxymoron thing
from cielamara :
Mel, I did the little question thingy. It was fun! Only the bold tags got messed up when they were paired with my entry font...still, I had fun. ^_^ Bright blessings! ~*Cielamara
from rate-land :
sorry, no you dont know me but i read your stuff... my mind I just imagined vodka...just trying to be friendly... -Zach
from measi :
The alcohol tasted quite good, otherwise I wouldn't drink it. And who are you? Why would I have reason to get back to you?
from glassshell :
well... alcohol tastes bad for a reason.... :) ... you take a recovery day and get back to me.
from cielamara :
Mel, I completely and totally agree with your rant about Bush. He's a very foolish man who has too much confidence in the "fear" he believes every non-American in the world has for America. And the alternatives to his presidency aren't looking especially promising at the moment--Gore back in office? Goddess help us. The Clintons? Please, no. What can we do? ~*Cielamara
from hissandtell :
Hi - your banner made me click you. Fabulous writing. I'm adding you to my favourites so I can go through your older entries.
from cielamara :
Hey Mel, I just wanted to say Happy Samhain! Bright blessings to you! ~*Nikki
from cielamara :
Hello, Mel, and bright blessings to you! I was just curious about NaNoWriMo...what is it, exactly, and how do you get involved? Also...Samhain rapidly approaches...can you possibly give me some pointers for Samhain rituals? I've been taking notes from some books and stuff,'s more comforting to hear it from an actual witch. Please? ~*Nikki
from xxlaughyxx :
Ooo!! Another fellow pagan! Good to know there are a few around here. ;) Lovely layout, if I do say myself!
from glassshell :
will you love me?
from persacanzona :
Mel, your new layout is absolutely gorgeous! And you're definitely right about grief revealing people's true natures. Bright blessings to you and your family. ~Nikki
from persacanzona :
Hello again--I've been stopping by to read your diary just about every time you post. You always manage to make me smile--especially when you were talking about the kitty you'd found! I just wanted to tell you, in case you weren't aware of this--the image on your background is no longer showing up. Nada. Bright blessings to you, and damn that HTML! ^_^
from seeds6 :
oh my gosh! I was searching for a pagan diary and yours was on a banner,so i cliked it and found you!This has to be one of the God's and Goddess's miracles.
from persacanzona :
Awwww...kekeke...take good care of the kitty. The world needs more soft-hearts to care for lost babies.
from fairyger86 :
Hi girl! I love your diary!! Very lovely...u like Evanesence's Bring me to life too? those words in ur diary are from her song rite? hehex. blessed be!
from persacanzona :
Good evening. I am so very sorry to hear about your grandmother; she sounds like she was one of those truly remarkable women that the rest of us can only hope to be like. Having lost someone dear to me within the last year, I can tell you--your numbness is your spirit's way of protecting you from yourself. To be hit with the full impact of your emotions this soon would be extremely difficult for you to bear, and your spirit knows that. Whatever you do--don't focus on what you might have done wrong in your time with her. That makes it agonizing. Focus on what you did right. It sounds like you loved her--that's the most right thing you could've done. Again, I'm very, very sorry to hear about her--and may the Goddess smile lovingly upon such a beautiful soul.
from lifeofjamie :
Hello there, your banner is really cool, thats what brought me here. I was taken back by the ayout because for a moment I was wondering what the hell was wrong! You see, your anime layout was what I was using all the while until I changed it yesterday. Cool, cool, site.
from silverbiker :
thanks for adding me as one of your favorite diarists..
from souramethyst :
Hey! I love your diary beautiful. Anyways, so your a wiccan to? I'm a guess what you could say a student in spirituality/wicca. I don't know that many who are interested in these things, so it's nice to know that there are others.
from wordsofmine :
What a great description of a thunderstorm. Followed by you and your fur kids watching the rain. That I feel was worth losing sleep for. mz. em
from persacanzona :
Hiya! My name's Nikki. I clicked on your banner because you said you were a "geeky witch", and I suppose I'm a geeky witch myself. Well, I'm in the process of becoming the latter--I've sort of always been a geek of some sort, be it an writing/literature geek, a science geek, a MAJOR music geek. I've been unhappy with Christianity for years--really, since I was about 11, when I first began to scare the employees at Barnes&Noble by asking them for books on religion--and within the past few years, Wicca has begun to perk my interest. But after studying it from an outsider's point of view--and watching a lot of people corrupt it, I decided I wanted to take a step further and, basically, take up the ancient faith of my Celtic ancestors. I'm still a bit unsure about some things--I'd love to correspond with you sometime. You seem to know what you're talking about. It was lovely reading your diary--oh, and you have a great layout! Ciao!
from sistercookie :
I really liked you banner and your diary. Very nice. The duck banners are mine if you see one. I am an example of the loser of high school. I put myself through college and am a computer geek artists. I grew up in a very rich neighborhood where you can go work for daddy. Like a lot of areas too much money and too little brains. I like doing everything myself so I can say I did it. Can I conclude from your banner that you hated high school? LOL I will be back. You rock!
from kb8 :
Hi! Thanks for filling out my survey!
from measi :
While I appreciate the concern, I have found the right religion for my soul's welfare. I am a witch. And it is what is correct for me.
from measi :
While I appreciate the concern, I have found the right religion for my soul's welfare. I am a witch. And it is what is correct for me.
from missused :
I clicked on your banner to get here. If you really are a "witch" then I hope you are aware of the consequences. It is never too late to turn to God seeking his guidance and love, and accept Jesus into your heart. I hope when you are ready you will find the love God has for you.
from xeriphism :
as if your site opens while i'm listening to 'bring me to life' by evanescance. i just wanted to say primarily, NICE layout. other than that, be well. regards greg0r (
from bettyalready :
happy Patriots day!
from jen69 :
thank you
from helderheid :
OK - you let me know when you want to be an online diet/workout buddy and you're on. :)
from measi :
:) Betty-- glad I'm not the only one! I wish it were real!
from bettyalready :
Everytime I come into your diary, I just want to lose myself in that picture.
from helderheid :
Let's diet together. I am so hearing you.
from raven72d :
A vur' large kitty may secretly be a badger.
from lil-kender :
Love your diary design ^_^
from dramoth :
Totally awesome. You took my survey and appreciated it (I have many more btw, including one on religion/spirituality) and you're a pagan like me, AND you roleplay. I love it. Keep in touch, and I hope to chat with you soon. I publish my AIM and ICQ so you can reach me there.
from measi :
Hi there~ Wicca is a more specific version of Paganism, so being Pagan *does* tie me to Wicca, although only as close as Christianity would tie someone to, for example, Lutheranism. I can give you some good starting points if you'd like.
from bubblesbaby :
hi, I'm just wondering, if you are a pagan, does that connect you to Wicca? I'm not a Wiccan, I'm christian, but I'm interested in it, and maybe want to find out more.

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