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I Give You a Piece of My Mind: A finely sifted blend of poetry, prose and politics, reflecting on the integration of body, mind and soul... I am a woman who would not want to exchange her life for any other. I am 49 years young. I am very like the four elements: down to earth, receptive like the water, my soul dancing lightly as the air does; and I am full of fire and life. I love the life of the mind: I write about what matters and how I feel about it.

My favorite diaries:

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comments: Her thoughts are so deep that I wade in them, and the water is warm.

My favorite music:

Laurie Anderson, Tori Amos, Dave Matthews Band, Bebel Gilberto
comments: my pulse quickens as my heart is wrenched
Alicia Keys and Norah Jones
comments: lyrical, wistful
Sarah Mclachlan
comments: sigh...such longing
Radiohead, Rufus Rainwright and Beck
comments: move me through the realms of possibility
comments: an erudite poet who just happens to sing

My favorite movies:

Chocolat, The 25th Hour, A Beautiful Mind, The Pianist, Home of the Brave, Monsoon Wedding, The Hours, Rabbit Proof Fen
comments: Movies that opened my eyes or made me think, or made me feel deeply, or all of that together
Tootsie, Mrs. Doubtfire,,Enchanted April, A League of Their Own, Corrina Corrina, Amelie
comments: Quirky, a flight of fancy, humor and humanity all bound together
Peter Pan, Hook, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, Dune, ( The TV series)
comments: Imagining other worlds and immersing myself within
Shakespeare in Love, Sense and Sensibility, Possession
comments: for the hopeless romantic in me

My favorite authors:

Isabel Allende, Amy Tan, Laura Esquivel, Louise Erdich, Toni Morrison
comments: Walk me through a life and help me understand
Margaret Attwood, John Donne, Elisabeth Barrett Browning, Billy Collins
comments: Poetry in Motion
Joan DeVinge, Brian Herbert, Anne McAffrey, Robert Silverberg
comments: Imaginative other-worldly journeys
A.S. Byatt, Michael Chabon
comments: all the subterranean levels of consciousness and experience are explored
Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabat Zinn, Julia Cameron, I Ching, Naomi Epel, Alan Watts
comments: Creative and spiritual resources

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