Fat to Fit. One rant at a time.

This used to be a weight loss diary, then a pregnancy journal and now we've come full circle back to weight loss again. This diary is going to chronicle my ups and downs (litterally) on my path to a healthier, slimmer me. I'm sure there are going to be rants along the way but who says you can't moan your way to size 10?

My favorite diaries:

WeePeople profile - diary
comments: This is the journal about my little ones.
Marn profile - diary
comments: This woman is hillarious and always has me laughing on the floor.
Prncsaimee profile - diary
comments: Aimee is such a sweet person who loves her babies! Another SAHM that is worth reading. She no longer updates unfortunately.
Sunstarr profile - diary
comments: Michele is such a sweet woman and writes a wonderful diary!
Bluesleepy profile - diary
comments: Michele's sister Karyl who is an awesome writer too!
Angelmum profile - diary
comments: She is the on-the-go Mom! She is the kind of mom I'm going to aspire to be. Active!
Chubbychic profile - diary
comments: This girl rocks. Her diary is not only about weightloss but about her, her life, her work. I love her sense of humor.
Amysloss profile - diary
comments: This woman is amazing! She's already lost 100+ lbs and is still going. She's a great source of motivation and inspiration.
Kaire profile - diary
comments: She is a very funny woman! She has lost a lot of weight and is a very good source of inspiration!
Itsmylife profile - diary
comments: Journal's about weight loss but also about her life which I really like. She is multi-dimensional!
Gonzostar profile - diary
comments: Such a cute, cute layout! She also has a diet log linked from her site.
Manyfires profile - diary
comments: This is a beautiful woman who has lost a great deal of weight and discovered herself. A new read but one I'm enjoying!
Omzhaara profile - diary
comments: A beautiful woman who has lost a ton of weight, who is successful, and loves her husband. She's now locked unfortunately.
HeidiAnn profile - diary
comments: I followed the link because she shares the exact same names as my older sister. What I found was a treasure!! Must read.
Rdhdprincess profile - diary
comments: She really knows how to write a good diary! She is funny, honest, and zaney. I love this journal.
Sundry profile - diary
comments: I just found her journal and it is a riot! Even though we have different lives I can relate to a lot of her stories and attitudes.
Chloeishere profile - diary
comments: I just found her and I, for some reason, really really like her style of writing. She's very fun! Whee!
Projectme profile - diary
comments: I found this girl through Gonzostar and I'm so glad I did!! I share a lot of her same feelings about weight loss.
Harakiri profile - diary
comments: This girl had her baby a few weeks after I had my second. We share so much in common and I adore her friendship!
Soon2bmomof2 profile - diary
comments: This woman is expecting her second child as well. She already has a little boy just like me!
JudyBean profile - diary
comments: A new mother of two. She was due a few weeks before me but had her little girl only 3 days before I had my boy!
Herkinerf profile - diary
comments: She usually always has a funny entry. I enjoy reading her a lot!
Ofb profile - diary
comments: I love how she really seems to appreciate her readers. Her weight loss is inspiring and so is her writing. Blunt, truthful, and splashed with humor!
Itsmyturn profile - diary
comments: A new weight loss journal by a very long time friend of mine from my youth (12!). She's also a SAHM.
SkinyBitches profile - diary
comments: This is a weightloss journaling site that I've started with Sarah. (Diaryland's Harakiri)
Priddis profile - diary
comments: Marissa has a beatuiful diary that is updated regularly. I love reading about the wild times of a librarian!
Jd-Lola profile - diary
comments: Sweet friend/wife/mother who not only shares her struggles with weight that I do, but shared a due date with me as well!
FSDesigns profile - diary
comments: Not a diary, but an awesome design site with 100's of layouts. Love this place!

My favorite music:

Faith Hill
comments: God to be able to sing like this woman. It is just unfair that she has all the looks and the gorgeous husband too. *pout*
comments: She's as multi-facited as her name. I love her and her music.
Jaci Velasques
comments: Christian singer with a stunning voice.
Chris Isaak
comments: His voice is just so smooth.
comments: I love her newer works. I think she's gotten the short end of the stick because of her past. She is an awesome artist.

My favorite movies:

Lord of the Rings
comments: Epic. Beauty. Drool worthy men. Need I say more?
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
comments: I thought that this movie was really sweet. I think that both actors are gorgeous and that they made a very good looking couple!
Harry Potter
comments: Just because I think they did a wonderful job of not butchering the book.
Almost Famous
comments: I'm a huge fan of Kate Hudson and her mom Goldie.
Ever After
comments: I don't know why I love this movie so much but it really is beautiful.

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments: Because she has a way of making every child's fantasies come to live in her books
James Patterson
comments: I love his Detective Cross books! The plots are never predictable.
Shell Silverstein
comments: I think this man has an amazing creativity and imagination to take the ordinary and make it extrordinary.
Beverly Cleary
comments: I just can't help but still love those childhood books I read. The Ramona series is adorable!
Francine Pascal
comments: Ok so I'm a little old for the Sweet Valley High series but I can't help it. I love all the high school and college books. I wish I had them all!

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