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Nowadays my life seems to revolve around working out at the YMCA (fun), changing messy diapers (not fun) and watching Cartoon Network (annoying). I have three small children and one full-grown husband.

I can bench press 45 lbs. (that's up from 20 lbs. and yes, dammit, I am proud of that) and I can leg press 137.5 lbs. (that's more than three-quarters of my body weight, thank God.)

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My favorite music:

The Smiths
Montgomery Gentry
The B-52s
The 5th Dimension

My favorite movies:

Pulp Fiction
comments:  I do so love Samuel L. Jackson in this movie. Love most of the lines and all of the action. But, I could completely do without Bruce Willis' section and his annoying girlfriend.
A Few Good Men
When Harry Met Sally

My favorite authors:

Robin Cook
Patricia Cornwell
John Grisham

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