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Questionable Milk's Dog and Pony Show

Squirrels are responsible for 70% of all deaths.



My favorite diaries:

pablo    profile - diary
comments:  Ghostly children are only eclipsed by actual living ones in the amount of inherent terror they seem capable of instilling in me.
bathtubmary    profile - diary
comments:  Can you smell me from where you are?
red-wine    profile - diary
comments:  Girl's got her some mad verve.
fuzzy-grey    profile - diary
comments:  Put the monkeys in the bucket
oldmaid    profile - diary
comments:  what is it about me that says "bring me a dead mouse!"
seven-point5    profile - diary
comments:  Well its too bad they don't give raises for being well-liked, isn't it?
polygon    profile - diary
comments:  mbcfe!
rumblelizard    profile - diary
comments:  Also, I wish Jake Gyllenhaal would come and kiss me and make it all better
beagle47    profile - diary
comments:  what are you waiting for, decide who you want to be and start working on it.
trancejen    profile - diary
comments:  "You just don't sell books. It would be like selling my skin. You don't sell books. You keep them. You build a library."
dieselengine    profile - diary
comments:  So cute, she hurts me.
monkey-king    profile - diary
comments:  There were also reports of a turkey that ended up in the middle of the dance floor/mosh pit, but I donít have video of that.
ottodixless    profile - diary
comments:  I hope he forcibly rams the paintpot onto her head and then jumps out the window of their 5th-floor dockside apartment (with carpeted lift) crushing the roof of their smug convertible parked outside and entirely destroying the Ikea glass occasional tables
somthin    profile - diary
comments:  Shit happens when the kids hit the liquor closet.
type-a-    profile - diary
comments:  Well Professor, I fucked a million guys in a huge range and judged the appropriateness and then wrote this paper. Here are some graphs. The 3D model curiously resembles a wang.
sparkspark    profile - diary
comments:  Like any dedicated narcissist, I'm endlessly fascinated with others' assessments of me - good or bad (although my inclusion of "bad" in that phrase is nothing but an extension of the pretense that I have a thick skin).
hangover    profile - diary
comments:  I suppose I was manufactured in California
usb-port    profile - diary
comments:  proper following distance is a sign of weakness
captvfirefly    profile - diary
comments:  She's aces, my friends.
randomrabbit    profile - diary
comments:  Erm, Iíve just discovered Iím allergic to Nurofen in a somewhat interesting and fun way.
smashthegas    profile - diary
comments:  Oh that's nothing sir, you haven't seen me in my pink leotard with stick on fluffy rabbits tail yet!
zeroreverb7    profile - diary
comments:  She's back! Huzzah!
portlypete    profile - diary
comments:  Iíll leave the story of the naked gymnast for another day.
moosehunter    profile - diary
comments:  So on top of the cold and wet and poo-foot, I had the Sargasso sea in my shorts.
what-a-card    profile - diary
comments:  Oh, by the way, some sort of unidentified small mammal currently resides IN MY FUCKING CEILING AND IS GOING TO EAT ME.
linkology    profile - diary
comments:  I just wanna listen to Bob Dylan all day. And Bob Marley. All the Bob's. The two big Bob's.
johnnynevada    profile - diary
comments:  I'm not sure what I regret more about the weekend-- not sitting and watching the waterfalls for longer or not buying that picture of Liberace, Mohammed Ali, and Hulk Hogan together.
strixia    profile - diary
comments:  She's baaaaaa-aaaaack!

My favorite music:

The Carpenters
comments:  They're so sweet and pure. Just like me!
comments:  He's just the dreamiest man alive.
David Hasselhoff
comments:  Boy, can that man sing.
Celine Dion
comments:  I want to be her when I grow up.
comments:  Just some good, clean, family fun.

My favorite movies:

Cool Hand Luke
comments:  Holy christ, how did I ever forget about this movie? I deserve to be shot.
comments:  Fuck you if you don't like this movie. You are retarded and deserve to be beaten into a pulpy, unrecognizable mess.
Harold and Maude
comments:  I feel so cliche and dirty for loving this movie, but I just can't help myself.
Strictly Ballroom
comments:  Again, the person who cannot love this movie should eat paint.
Anything Disney or family oriented and also (god help me) made for tv movies.
comments:  I am not kidding here. I have this sick love of all things Disney. And there are few family, or teenage-oriented films that I haven't seen. Doing Time on Maple Drive is one of the finest films ever made.

My favorite authors:

The Bible
comments:  This is the only book I read. Everything else is too naughty and makes the baby Jesus cry.

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