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You cannot control me with a smile...

Hello- yes, I know I'm a dork- but I promise you, my diary is anything but boring. Read on, and if you like what you see, don't like what you read- drop me a note-

I am 21, from Kenosha, WI. You can read about my friends on the "castpage" and all throughout my diary. I will be adding a more personal profile soon. Give me a week or two. My name is Melissa, btw. I get asked that a lot.



My favorite diaries:

got-chris    profile - diary
comments:  This guy is AWESOME- I talk to him all the time and love his stuff...
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comments:  This is Mary Jo- she's great- you will like her- but please be nice to my friends... LOL
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comments:  This guy takes RENT to a whole new level- definately worth checking out...
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comments:  This is a dykewrite site that is totally awesome. Check it out.
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comments:  This girl fucking rocks out. And I love her.
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comments:  A Review site that kicks ass.... ( I REVIEW FOR IT!!!)
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comments:  This site is nice~ I got a 6/10
diaryreview    profile - diary
comments:  I got a 81/100 not too shabby!
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comments:  GREAT GREAT SITE 95/100
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comments:  A diary interview site- pretty neat~
grenjelybean    profile - diary
comments:  Heaven help me, the room is full of queers!~
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comments:  Kate
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comments:  Brandon, a really good read- found me and now I'm addicted to him.
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comments:  Fun chick- knows a hell of a lot about waxing... ;)
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comments:  on here for my reference (Brandon's girl)
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comments:  I reviewed her, and fell in love with her layout and writings. I read this diary on a regular basis.
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comments:  Just another white girl from NY. Obsessed with: Animal rights; her Ass; Bitch Magazine; Byzantium; her Cats... and it goes on and on, and she rocks.
suckaskitty    profile - diary
comments:  Let's all get naked... LOL
thefluffykat    profile - diary
comments:  ...my mom was saying all of the things that she loved about Wisconsin so that she wouldn't miss Quebec as much, then, ironically, we passed a farm and the strong, repugnant scent of cow shit drifted into the car.
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comments:  Politiacally speaking...
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comments:  Dani is the girl from DiaryReview. Good read.
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comments:  A Diaryland God
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comments:  A cool brit guy who writes alot like I do.
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comments:  Great Read!
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comments:  Interesting read. Deep, yet interesting...
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comments:  Diaryreview Reviewer- good read
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comments:  Diaryreview Reviewer- good read
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comments:  Diaryreview Reviewer- good read
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comments:  Diaryreview Reviewer- good read
gerg69    profile - diary
comments:  Put down the crowbars and prosthetic legs with nails in them please.
skyefire    profile - diary
comments:  Knows a lot about selfish, annoying bitches!
exposedgrace    profile - diary
comments:  Heck, I mean, who wouldn't want to date me. Man I crack myself up.
porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  Mental Drippings
jane-does    profile - diary
comments:  See Jane write... Well.
pinky-angel    profile - diary
comments:  The spawn of satan bringing you regular updates of student orgies, drug taking and pushing over old grannies. Rock on!
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  Diaryland founder- good read.
our-views    profile - diary
comments:  Hoping they'll review me

My favorite music:

Blink 182
comments:  Local H
New Found Glory
comments:  Penguins With Shotguns
Tom Petty
comments:  Bon Jovi
Alanis Morisette
comments:  Matchbox 20
comments:  The Gufs

My favorite movies:

My Best Friend's Wedding
comments:  I'm a busy girl...
comments:  I love it... When we're cruisin together...
comments:  Ya gotta live a little...
Girl Interrupted
comments:  Best
comments:  Get down on your knees...

My favorite authors:

Harper Lee
comments:  To Kill A Mockingbird is my fav book ever
"Chick" this out- this is a reviewer that rocks... :)
comments:  http://girlreview.diaryland.com/
Jeffery Deaver
comments:  Awesome author- keeps you reading...
comments:  Get reviewed by them,,,

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