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life needs sugarcubes sometimes.

occasional nailbiter. (trying to quit.)

My favorite diaries:

likeaforest    profile - diary
comments:  a formidable scrabble player i imagine
loriebug    profile - diary
dead-slug    profile - diary
comments:  reliving my freshman year.
jumprope    profile - diary
katharinhand    profile - diary
songaday    profile - diary
allnitediner    profile - diary
crispystar    profile - diary
morestories    profile - diary
comments:  "it's hard to really let it all go. the ghosts of years and all the many shelters that housed us."
rejectviolet    profile - diary
softblossoms    profile - diary
wateryblossom    profile - diary
comments:  "i found a book to read, like magic, in the school's library stacks. it has no jacket. it's about a unicorn, and here's a passage for me. and for you."
edithelaine    profile - diary
kats    profile - diary
novembre    profile - diary
comments:  "You will melt into something murky underneath your collared shirts and paperwork unless you are defined by love."
porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  he's funny.
cloudmaking    profile - diary
anat    profile - diary
pixie-never    profile - diary
nookncranny    profile - diary
comments:  finding things in unexpected places
onepinksock    profile - diary
comments:  l word.
minderella    profile - diary
laura-jane    profile - diary
paperfriend    profile - diary
comments:  thoughtful. reminds me of someone i went out with a few times.
sls    profile - diary
comments:  viva lola
dinosaurs    profile - diary
amishboy    profile - diary
comments:  he makes me laugh. and he seems to appreciate the magnetic fields.
stellarose    profile - diary
virtu    profile - diary
comments:  she knows the truth about so-called "new york style pizzas" outside new york
fuschia    profile - diary
comments:  isn't just a color
not-a-finger    profile - diary
central-red    profile - diary
southeast    profile - diary
rainhammers    profile - diary
comments:  adventures in portland
vocalfern    profile - diary
comments:  long new england winters
clearskies    profile - diary
lacienega    profile - diary
mcearstix    profile - diary
asyourghost    profile - diary
rachaelina    profile - diary
mangotuesday    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Neutral Milk Hotel
Iron and Wine
comments:  Guided By Voices.
Pink Floyd
comments:  Cold Play. Radiohead. Smashing Pumpkins.
Mazzy Star
comments:  Tegan and Sara. Sleater-Kinney. Nini Camps. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Juliana Hatfield. Tattletale.
Patty Griffin
comments:  Cat Stevens. Tracy Chapman.

My favorite movies:

comments:  not just because it's french.
Garden State
comments:  Laputa: Castle In the Clouds.
Napoleon Dynamite
comments:  Foxfire. The Graduate.
Chasing Amy
comments:  comicbooks, sexuality, a screenplay by kevin smith...this movie was made with me in mind.
Broken Wings
comments:  because people are people no matter where they live.

My favorite authors:

Dorothy Allison
comments:  sometimes hard to read, but a damn wise writer.
Stephen Chbosky
comments:  "The Perks of Being A Wallflower". If there's a book you need to read, it's that one.
Marjane Satrapi
Neil Gaiman
comments:  sandman series. neverwhere. also David Mack, of "Kabuki". i am a graphic novel junkie.
Haruki Murakami
comments:  because he's strange and brilliant.

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