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A Tragic Love Story

Okay, here's my vitals:

Age: 26

Sex: Male (and no)

Location: FL (from NY)

Occupation: Office worker (currently for UPS)



My favorite diaries:

sheblogs    profile - diary
comments:  Lissy's Diary. Sorry everyone, members only...
javaviolet    profile - diary
comments:  Miz Tay and her kitchen repair business... :)
toosilent    profile - diary
comments:  Poems by Lissy (sheblogs)
poetinmotion    profile - diary
comments:  Poems by ME
ivyvalentine    profile - diary
comments:  Ivy's Diary... the queen of LOTR!
ravenhelcat    profile - diary
comments:  The Cat's diary... a demented little Wonderland
allykitty5    profile - diary
comments:  YaY! Kim's got a diary now! :)
ladiebug    profile - diary
comments:  A site that Lissy turned me on to... Anna is nice :)
punkrockelf    profile - diary
comments:  Ivy's OTHER Diary....
babydollxoxo    profile - diary
comments:  Alee's diary, such a sweet girl, I wish her the best...
giglesalot24    profile - diary
comments:  A Pacers fan, but I can forgive her for that... a mother with a nice diary. :)
banefulvenus    profile - diary
comments:  She writes so much, I have trouble keeping up. But I love to read, so I keep up. :)
ladyelf    profile - diary
comments:  Nat's Diary. the little elf
mirrordtears    profile - diary
comments:  Tabbi's diary. a chess fanatic. :)
agnocio69    profile - diary
comments:  Andy made a diary, finally!!!! YAY!!!!!
perceptions    profile - diary
comments:  A benchmark of Diaryland. I'm gonna read it from start to finish, sometime soon.
trulypoetic    profile - diary
comments:  A good read.
diaryreviews    profile - diary
comments:  Now that Lissy and Aundrea are reviewers, I may have to check it out more... :)
prncsaimee    profile - diary
comments:  A fellow wrestling fan. Ric Fleihr rulez! :)
cutiepie1983    profile - diary
comments:  Nancy's diary... such a sweetheart :)
bitch-n-moan    profile - diary
comments:  Ange's layout designs... hopefully up and running soon! :)
usareviews    profile - diary
comments:  Nancy's NEW review site... old one went buh-bye
uakrazee    profile - diary
comments:  Kari's new diary!
glazecovered    profile - diary
comments:  Anastatia's Diary... Awesome LOTR layout!
whatawoman    profile - diary
comments:  Has Tao of Pooh in her banner... I like her already... :)
heartofice    profile - diary
melissa1983    profile - diary
comments:  Check Out Her Rings
angelicscars    profile - diary
comments:  Vikki's Diary... a sweetheart
dreamflowers    profile - diary
comments:  Ivy's diary of writing... poetry/lyrics/stories/deep thoughts
k-hun    profile - diary
comments:  She added me... :)
liveversion    profile - diary
comments:  Kristin's sexually frustrated life... ;)
sarahsmells    profile - diary
comments:  Aundrea led me here... love the diary! :)
cursedbear    profile - diary
comments:  Erin added me, so I checked her diary, and added her!
jettemarie    profile - diary
comments:  Her banner caught my eye, so I HAD to read... very good
prowlingleo    profile - diary
comments:  Another writer whose banner caught my eye... AWESOME
love--sucks    profile - diary
comments:  Kelly's NEW NEW NEW diary... LOCKED
akitt3n    profile - diary
comments:  Sal's new Diary!
gbg    profile - diary
comments:  A Buffy and Angel fan!
infragmented    profile - diary
comments:  Ange's new diary... awesome!
jane-does    profile - diary
comments:  A new friend with a love for board games!
xxemptyxx    profile - diary
comments:  Kahla's New Diary
lonelygrl85    profile - diary
comments:  Kelly's Newest Diary
jzysmalls    profile - diary
comments:  Jake's Diary... a lover of 24
pushpull    profile - diary
comments:  Mah Jongg!!
diasyrm    profile - diary
comments:  She is awesome! She finished my Sitcom Trivia Survey #1 !!! :-D
loathe    profile - diary
comments:  Deep and Dark... And such a mirror of me...
everoboto    profile - diary
comments:  Star Wars fan and general kick-ass person! :-D
fan4    profile - diary
comments:  bookworm, Yu-Gi-Oh fan, Christian... an all-around great person. Love her "Blessings" entries
heavenlyging    profile - diary
comments:  I stop reading for a while, and now she's pregnant!
jessamine79    profile - diary
comments:  Naked Virgin... to understand, you have to read... :P
lovescars    profile - diary
comments:  Vikki's locked diary

My favorite music:

They Might Be Giants
comments:  The Johns are AWESOME!
comments:  Classic Country, and still kicking...
Michael Jackson
comments:  No matter what you can say about him, he's still the King of Pop!
Beastie Boys
comments:  The ULTIMATE in rap, blows the new guys out of the water!
Bon Jovi
comments:  Some great sad songs, love songs, and songs about friendship...

My favorite movies:

Star Wars
comments:  I'm THE Star Wars freak. 'Nough said. :D
Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail
comments:  Classic British comedy, from a wonderful cast.
Jurassic Park
comments:  I just love the concept, and the thought of dinosaurs returning from the grave. :)
Star Trek
comments:  Like Star Wars, Star Trek is an addiction of mine.

My favorite authors:

Robert Jordan
comments:  The Wheel of Time is an epic for today, and tomorrow...
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments:  What can I say? He's the master!
Terry Brooks
comments:  Fantasy writing spanning generations...
Terry Goodkind
comments:  Excellent series, like R. Jordan's, with it's own uniqueness.
Dr. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins
comments:  Left Behind series... an interesting look at the Book of Revelations, in novel form.

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