diary of: a sad/happy girl in her 20's with a normal/abnormal life

My favorite diaries:

jane-does profile - diary
comments: "Jesus loves me, but everyone else thinks I'm an asshole"
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: "hashing/rehashing/exposing/over-exposing/healing/revealing"
weetabix profile - diary
comments: there were more people gathered here and there, wearing wife beaters and too much Brut or bedazzled in Tweety Bird from head to toe, watching their children run barefoot through aisles yanking down packages of cheese doodles, than actual shoppers
diaryquotes profile - diary
comments: random and hilarious
virtualcrack profile - diary
comments: "how often do people do something just to pleasure themselves in public, without any other reason?"
leitinaa-s profile - diary
comments: "So, he insists he like Jaws and we go on. All they do is start playin� the music and Danny already screamin�. That shark ain�t even out! He probably out back smokin� a cigarette and listenin� to he iPod!"
autumn-kitty profile - diary
comments: "As each woman is put together in our unique way, I happen to be one that enjoys sex, very much, but nothing compares to the orgasm I get from my clitoris. It's famous, ask my neighbors, they've probably heard."
sturge profile - diary
comments: "Someone asked me the other day why farts are so funny. It's a loud noise that comes out of your ass. If there's something funnier than that, I've never heard of it. And as a comical bonus, it smells like shit."
prostituee profile - diary
comments: "Any guy I've been really attracted to has a scent. You all know what I mean. They walk in the door from outside and you get the rush of air and the scent of them. We all know it's not a bad scent. It's just them."
mootet profile - diary
comments: "what else...same old same old. work sucks, lifes a bitch, but you move on."
redness profile - diary
tvzero profile - diary
girlwcurls profile - diary
comments: excellent writer, great diary
fadein profile - diary
bettyalready profile - diary
tragiclovest profile - diary
comments: fellow Mah-Jongg enthusiast
flnangel profile - diary
wyndhover profile - diary
sarasvati23 profile - diary
lady-malfoy profile - diary
sketchbang profile - diary
preciousgift profile - diary
redniko profile - diary
comments: he's incredibly hot [if he'd just lose the beanie]
whatawoman profile - diary
desideroso profile - diary
everoboto profile - diary
comments: she fckn rocks!
arletterocks profile - diary
princessa007 profile - diary
monstre profile - diary
comments: the writing touched me instantly
lomelinde profile - diary
comments: fellow Radiohead obsessive
sarahsundae profile - diary
thespark profile - diary
alphabravo profile - diary
officegal profile - diary
comments: don't know why i didn't have this on here sooner
dsurvivor5 profile - diary
bisa-pet profile - diary
jason75 profile - diary
mousepoet profile - diary
odalisk profile - diary
morganzola profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: Smiths | Morrissey | the Cure | Mogwai | Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [BRMC] | Matthew Sweet | Depeche Mode| Erasure | Talk Talk | Siouxsie and the Banshees | Foo Fighters | Jimmy Eat World
Nada Surf
comments: not just "popular"
Palo Alto
comments: Fiona Apple | Alice in Chains | Weezer | Material Issue | Bob Marley | Sunny Day Real Estate | Belle and Sebastian | Coldplay | Sigur Ros | Trail of Dead | Grandaddy | Wilco
Catherine Wheel
comments: underrrated excellent band
Led Zepplin
comments: Steve Miller Band | Dire Straits | Journey | Classic Rock

My favorite movies:

Office Space
comments: Matrix | Matrix:Reloaded | Heartbreak Ridge | Royal Tennenbaums | A Letter to Three Wives | Shrek | 10 Things I Hate About You | Super Troopers | Cutting Edge | Unstrung Heroes
Lord of the Rings
comments: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil | Raising Arizona | Bottle Rocket
comments: Mallrats | Chasing Amy | Dogma | Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Old School
Fight Club

My favorite authors:

neil gaiman
arthur goldman
barbara kingsolver
terry moore

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