My favorite diaries:

rockboy profile - diary
comments: kris is awesome!
emo3 profile - diary
comments: emilio - this is one of my best friends who moved to boliva :-(
fumblinglust profile - diary
comments: she talks about british things. mm.
jonathan29 profile - diary
comments: "I'm gay.. it's part of my contract."
msleslie profile - diary
comments: this diary has been put to rest, but i still recommend browsing the archives.
quoted profile - diary
comments: i've always been a reader; now i've joined the ranks too!
ravenouseyes profile - diary
puppetgirl profile - diary
comments: sensuous and talented.
ehadams profile - diary
comments: doggie lover.
jenne1017 profile - diary
comments: the jenne springer show
emaciated- profile - diary
itsmylife profile - diary
motherlode profile - diary
prostituee profile - diary
hardlyasaint profile - diary
fiercelingua profile - diary
annieanew profile - diary
girlwcurls profile - diary
comments: i realized something today. you can't love anyone until you love yourself. so yeah, i put myself on my favorites. i love the uberdorkness!
bolivianegcc profile - diary
comments: emilio
leslieirene profile - diary
annarain profile - diary
plaguegirl profile - diary
trinity63 profile - diary
comments: simply wonderful.
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: the political rants are the best!
mattferrara profile - diary
comments: we could all learn a little lesson regarding not holding your feelings in from this dude.. gotta love it!!
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: always a nice read.
tessarex profile - diary
the-noise profile - diary
zero9 profile - diary
whydoucare profile - diary
liquid-mojo profile - diary
comments: nice.
dearcynthia profile - diary
amy-poetica profile - diary
apparatus profile - diary
discothekid profile - diary
yeoldesoul profile - diary
comments: good stuff.
tiendasexo profile - diary
comments: works at a sex shop, nuff said!
femmeproject profile - diary
eroticmemoir profile - diary
comments: exactly as the username implies.
maladie profile - diary
minderella profile - diary
breakthedark profile - diary
cookie-bitch profile - diary
sarrowzend profile - diary
warmleftover profile - diary
gnomad profile - diary
singes profile - diary
comments: reviews.
compendious profile - diary
comments: An ub3r 1337 review site
pushpull profile - diary
tailbonelust profile - diary
savecraig profile - diary
comments: heh.
brewreviews profile - diary
sexyoldman profile - diary
sinnergi profile - diary
actresses profile - diary
galaxyrabbit profile - diary
brucedowns profile - diary
sunnyholden profile - diary
photorabbit profile - diary
zitronengel profile - diary
Sanetwin profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: i saw them at my first real concert when i was 11, and i haven't looked back since. can i just make a comment ~ why can we only choose 5? :-( if there was another slot, i would also put THE BEATLES, they revolutionized it all.
comments: trent reznor has a beautiful knack for putting the utmost emotion into his songs. yes, they are dark - but the are an exemplary example of how everyone feels sometimes.
comments: excellent live.
comments: love her or hate her, no one can deny the fact that she has been an example of a woman kicking major ass.
fiona apple
comments: tidal was a great album.

My favorite movies:

dirty work
comments: oasis the beatles system of a down ozzy osbourne nine inch nails fear factory the black crowes madonna fiona apple sigur ros cradle of filth mindless self indulgence coldplay christina aguilera wesley willis beach boys the doors shakira vanessa carlton
i don't really like movies all that much.
comments: i would rather read. but
forrest gump
comments: was good. so was
schindlers list
comments: michael jackson sarah brightman yanni janet jackson red hot chili peppers
sting mozart beethoven pantera dr dre
comments: eminem nirvana the monkeys moby metallica alanis morrisette marylin manson travis spacehog green day billy joel haydn dashboard confessional messhugah brand new taking back sunday richard cheese drowning pool mogwai

My favorite authors:

mitch albom
comments: tuesdays with morrie is an absolute must read.
elie wiesel
comments: one word - night.
comments: shakey-spear! droning aside, his flowery language makes for some powerful passages.
memoirs of a geisha
comments: ok, ok, it's a book, not an author, but it was damn good.
emily dickinson
comments: i also enjoy edgar allan poe, and christina rossetti.

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