the dark horse has returned.

while my heart keeps beating, there's hope. there's always hope.

My favorite diaries:

bluperspex profile - diary
comments: green grass for miles. kilometers by your count. :O)
girlwcurls profile - diary
comments: the many sides of jessica.
boytrap profile - diary
comments: Let's find a road that feels more like home than where we are now
kex profile - diary
sarika profile - diary
deadinside4 profile - diary
raziela profile - diary
maymay best profile - diary
entrapta profile - diary
revisions profile - diary
perceptions profile - diary

My favorite music:

Sigur ros
comments: such beautiful music. i want make love to someone with this music
The Cure
comments: Whatever words i say, i will always love you.
comments: sooo good they inspirie me
comments: it seems like they're the only good rock band around
comments: yesterday i woke up sucking a lemon

My favorite movies:

citizen kane
comments: one of the most intruiging movies i've ever seen, incidently it's about life..
Life is beatiful
comments: the adage that life is what you make of it; you are NOT of the situation tells you to .
Muppets take manhatten
comments: I'm a huge kermit the frog fan
comments: there's always room for a mel brooks movie
Star wars
comments: I've never want to be anything else but a jedi after i saw this

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: Christine.. be careful of what you wish...
Dear Mr. Henshaw
comments: the first book i've read with out being forced to i didn't feel alone after this
Oh the places you will go
comments: Anything by Dr. suess is philosphical, smart and simple. just the way advice should be
john steinbeck
comments: of mice and men.

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