Tra la la la la, la la la la

Entrapta was an evil villian on the tv show She-Ra. She-Ra was already taken as a diary name. So I picked "entrapta". And so we have come full circle.

My favorite diaries:

cyanideeyes profile - diary
comments: We're going to hobnob in Aspen...Watch out
weetabix profile - diary
drbigbeef profile - diary
porktornado profile - diary
rockboy profile - diary
comments: We're travelling the world together...also, the man sees all my favorite bands in concert. I'm either torn apart with envy or happy for him. I think it's the former.

My favorite music:

Handsome Boy Modeling School
comments: Daft Punk, Kaiser Chiefs, Sean Paul, Joss Stone, Goldfinger
The Distillers
comments: Nine Inch Nails, K-os, The Tragically Hip, Weezer. Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine
The Arcade Fire
comments: Counting Crows, Black Crowes, Beck, Longview, Snow Patrol
Elliott Smith
comments: Interpol, Lauryn Hill (old stuff), The Redwalls, Foo Fighters
The Pixies
comments: The Killers, RHCP, Powderfinger, The Donnas, Saharah Hotnights

My favorite movies:

Beyond The Valley of the Dolls
comments: Written by Roger Ebert in the mid sixties, this movie is about a band who gets messed up with an acid dropping hermaphrodite and certain parts of this movie are featured in a Sublime song/cover "Smoke Two Joints"
Fight Club
comments: Brad Pitt almost naked. What's not to like?
comments: See above
The Royal Tenebaums
Pulp Fiction

My favorite authors:

Me? Admit to being Literate? NEVER!!
comments: Me speak good english
Fyodor Dostoyevksi
comments: Prolly spelled his last name wrong, but that's ok. The Idiot is good reading.
The guy who writes SEE SPOT RUN
comments: See Spot Run is a literary classic for all ages...a real coming of age story you know

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