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from rockboy :
spying us are upon entrapta, i will send you an e-mail later. i locked my diary.
from rockboy :
<3 in the most sappy way. ever. and no, YOU rock.
from rockboy :
you make me want to pick up a guitar, and celebrate the myriad ways that i love you.
from rockboy :
ps, i also think dance dance is really catchy song, not as compared to sugar, we're going down.
from rockboy :
i'm doing well, i went awol for a bit too, if you ever feel like writing, send me an e-mail at [email protected]
from rockboy :
i still like this layout, but i can understand wanting to change it.. how are you doing?
from remingtons :
from cyanideeyes :
Horns up.
from rockboy :
hehe egads! you're right! let's plan on going next week yeah?
from rockboy :
heheh ok you're coming along! ps. i saw handsome boy modeling school in april with k-0s. what a great show!
from burnthenight :
heya, thanks for the note...yeah, I credit being bored, anxious or stupid for why I dumped all of my earliest boyfriends too :P But I guess you learn as you grow up, eh? (And I WILL eventually learn not to date rock stars, don't worry ;))
from cyanideeyes :
Gawd I love you.
from cyanideeyes :
How. Dare. You. You move and not tell me?! I mean, I know I've been kind of shunning being social in the name of making some headway with my music and I apologize...but come on!!! Tell ya what...I'll let you throw a brick at the back of my head if you promise not to do it again...
from paper-girl :
Hello. Just thought I'd leave a note letting you know your "last and next" buttons aren't working. And that you're being "hella hungry" made me laugh! Too funny!

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