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from scarydoll :
i was named after this album... abbey
from invisibledon :
take my survey --it's called invisibledon
from starkitten01 :
You've got a great journal going on here! Just thought I'd let you know. I also love the beatles!:) Keep up the good work!:) StarKitten01
from only-human :
I'd just like to say that with this whole "suck-awards" thing, people like you need to not take it so seriously. You leave your diary open for ANYBODY to look at it. Expect scrutiny. Not everybody is going to like everything you do, not everybody ever will. That's a fact of life. So, inotherwords, if you can't handle it, password your diary.
from haloofcurls :
i hate to tell you, dear, but those comments left by the "suck awards" were meant as a kind of advertisement, not to say that your diary sucks.
from rissa86 :
Hi Abby! Great diary. I enjoyed reading it, and the layout rocks!
from apatheticq :
itchy scratchy ELF BITES... little buggers always biting my legs.. but now there's a cure... elf motel!
from jenifer012 :
It wasnt Bob's fault really, dont blame bob...He was trying to do me a favor, and well, even the best of em make mistakes....he feels terrible... I like your site, it was my first time here... =0) Jenifer
from merilily :
Hello, dah-ling...I'm trying to help you fill up your analyzer page again. MeriLily to the rescue...gee...Bob didn't leave an apology on MY analyzer, even though he insulted my political beliefs. *sob* (j/k) Well, I love you---especially because our families both appear to be furniture-obsessed pyschos! :-) Anyways, I'll talk to you later, hun!
from abbyroadme :
Bob erased this and now I am empty.....fill me up!

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