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from angel-scar :
hey! I just read your diary, and man am i impressed! At least you're not talking about kill'n yourself. It's refreashing to hear things about help'n people out. Thanks for the good read! Alyssa
from purpmonk17 :
hey i like what you did with your diary. I just got mine and am just starting to figure things out. I dont know how to do that yet.
from soft-fairy :
Thankyou for your amazing note you left me. I couldnt resist leaving you a note back after reading such a witty/kind note! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and i wish you all the best. <3 <3 Sara
from soft-fairy :
Awww get well soon! Wish ya a swift recovery!
from bubblie-guad :
sup! my names not Really Guadi but u can call me by that way. hope u can talk with me! :) guadi
from hibiscus101 :
i'm fantastic thank you. That was a good time. I dont remember all the words anymore. Do you remember AC Crackheads coming to town?? Hope everythings goin good on your end.
from mathero :
Have a wonderful Holiday season!
from pixierose123 :
Hi there,i'm Tiffany and i'm 12 and you seem fun to talk to so i was wondering if ... i duno i wanted to meet u. see ya! -tiffy
from seasparkle01 :
hey you! so now that i am on here i have a way to contact you. because i lost our email address AND regular address. so anyway, i have been wanting to write. just wondering if you're doing ok. i worry about you, believe it or not...hehe. so anyway, if you wanna drop me a line and let me know what's been up, that would be cool. karie
from lv-ishness :
hey, you don't know me. but this one time i had your layout and the other day i was looking for it again and the website is gone. i was just wondering if you could give me the codes or something. thanks.
from whynot923 :
i'm giving up diaryland and my diary, so don't freak out. i won't be reading your diary anymore. stay true to yourself. christy
from anglewings :
Hi, just to say like your diary, hope to come back, have a good time. Latezz
from lydialicious :
Hey babe, remember me? It's Lydia, previously known as Got a new diary now, and just thought I'd pop on over and say hi! I still remember all the support you used to pile on into my guestbook. Much love to you, sweetie.
from no1wakefan21 :
merry christmas!! :D
from no1wakefan21 :
hey allie, where arrreee you?
from no1wakefan21 :
yo allie, i thought i'd catch you yesterday, but no such luck.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! :D Hope everything went well. My guess is that you're just moving in and getting all the school stuff ready. But, anyway, thought I'd drop you a line. Catch you later <3
from no1wakefan21 :
wow..i just discovered that you left me a note. this is nifty, is it not? ha.
from strongerthan :
Hey allieoop, thanks for your remark. plus three cheers for Tori Amos AND Sade.

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