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from knicker :
I'm so very creeped out by this Liger thing. Who knew?
from lemonsparkle :
stoopid guestbook keeps kicking me out...anyway - thanks for the note hon, there'll be something in the post to you tomorrow xx
from jennyj :
Dear Expatrica, I am very sorry that I didn't wish you a happy birthday on your birthday but I hope that you had a swell one and that you have a bonza Mum's Birthday/New Year's Eve. xxx
from omnipre5ence :
Your wallpaper is really nice. :) I remember it was my desktop for a while way back when.
from pollymagoo :
Yep, count me in. But be warned, I might be rubbish.
from pollymagoo :
Sorry sorry sorry I was thinking. (Still no guestbook access for me). The zoo is still great and has tiny baby monkeys and baby giraffes as well as baby elephants. The Jewish Museum is brilliant. Walk through the park (Tiergarten) in the middle of the city for lovely almost-countryside and around Potsdamer Platz for amazing new architecture. Go to Karl Marx Allee and see the �palaces for the workers� built under communism. And have enormous breakfasts in one of the lovely places that I can�t remember the name of � I will look later in my guidebook at home and try to let you know.
from pollymagoo :
I never liked him much but I thought he looked terrible, especially as she's so beautiful. The best bit of the book for me was the part about not trying to fly the plane (worrying that the engines are making the right noises etc). My sister said yesterday 'I know they do really thorough checks, it's just that I would feel better if I did them myself,' and I know what she means, but it DID help, really.
from pollymagoo :
Damn work filter won't let me sign your guestbook. I chanced upon The Killers (guilty pleasure) doing a two-songs-and-an-album signing thing in HMV last night. VERY cute, but the other song (apart from the single) wasn't so good, I thought. But cupcake lipbalm! That alone would be enough to get me through the day.

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